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Why Not Put Ice in A Bong?

The truth is smoking bongs can cause a heated, dry, and irritated throat, which can leave you coughing for longer than you'd like.
However, you can get the relief you need by putting ice in a bong. Let's check it!
I've been experimenting with different ways to make smoking a bong less harsh and more enjoyable for the past 14 years. It wasn't until I understood the ice catcher was there for a reason, to hold ice and much more, that I realized what it was for. A lot of individuals don't even put ice in their bongs. It could be due to laziness or a lack of understanding of how it works. (I've done both.)

So, why not put ice in their bongs? There are several advantages to using ice in a bong, and you'll discover how to achieve smoother, better-tasting, and larger pulls from yours.
You can always find new ways to improve your smoking experience, such as adding ice to a bong, whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to smoking in general.
For years, cannabis smokers have been inventing novel ways to smoke, and this is just one of the numerous ways they've made bong smoking more enjoyable while also providing additional advantages.

Here are four that will improve your next smoking experience:
1.Smoke is Filtered by Using Ice in A Bong
For starters, this is why ice catchers exist. They're supposed to work as a smoke filtration device.
Because the bong can't do it on its own, you'll need to add ice to reap the benefits of a clean, filtered hit.

2. Ice Adds Flavor to a Bong
When you add ice to a bong, you not only receive filtered smoke, but you also get extra flavor.
This greatly enriches the smoking experience, whether you're getting the most flavor out of your bud or adding your own additions.

3. Adding Ice to A Bong Serves As A Splash Guard
The splash back from bong water, no matter who you are, is never desired, especially when it occurs unexpectedly.
This is the sole reason why some people are put off by water bongs. Ice in a bong can avoid this since it acts as a splash guard when it is placed directly above the water chamber.

4. When Using A Bong with Ice, You can Take Larger Rips.
When you smoke a bong, you're probably hoping to get a big hit that will keep you stoned for a few hours. Because ice screens the smoke, it allows you to take cooler hits, which allows you to take bigger hits.

The Use of Ice In A Bong Ensures A Smoother Hit
The addition of ice to a bong bong makes a significant difference. If you've ever been curious about the grooves in the center of your bong, now you know. Those grooves serve as ice catchers, preventing ice from falling into the water chamber.
Simply insert ice (four or five pieces) through the top of the bong and allow the ice catcher to catch them before they fall into the water chamber.
Fill your bowl, take a huge rip, and relax. While putting ice in a bong isn't needed, it does make a tremendous difference.

What is an Ice Catcher and How Does It Work?
The water chamber cools the smoke already, but adding ice causes the smoke to travel through the bong and hit the ice.
This lowers the warmth of the smoke, making it easier and more comfortable to inhale.
When you add ice to a bong, this cooling process will make a considerable difference. Just be careful not to overfill the water chamber.
As the ice melts, the levels will rise.Keep an eye on the water level in the chamber and empty it if it becomes too full.

How to Use Ice to Add Different Flavors to Your Bong
You probably didn't think of using an ice-filled bong when you first started smoking; after all, why would you?
There was no one around to explain what those grooves were for or how to use them.
So it's likely that adding multiple tastes to the ice catcher never occurred to you.
I remember it took me a while to realize that I could make my smoking experiences more enjoyable by changing the water, adding fruits, or ice with varied flavors are all options.

Using Flavored Water or a Different Liquid
When smoking with ice in a bong, this is arguably the most common approach for users to vary the flavor profile.
It is not only the most frequent, but it is also the simplest of the three options.
All you have to do is swap out the water in the chamber for whatever liquid you like.
Some people use mouthwash to give their breath a minty fresh flavor. Others choose to drink Gatorade, Kool-aid, or their favorite flavored water.
You may greatly improve the flavor with whichever drink you desire.

Adding Fruit into the Ice Catcher
This is one of my favorites; by combining ice and fruit, the smoke will add whatever flavor you choose as it strikes the ice catcher.
When using a bong with ice, some smokers like to add orange slices, strawberries, apples, or even kiwi.
As a result, as the smoke meets the mixed ice, the flavor is quickly altered, resulting in a delightful, refreshing, fruity impact.
This method has so many possibilities that it is one of my favorites. After utilizing fruits, make sure to fully clean your bong.

Ice Cubes with Flavors in Your Ice Bong
You can actually freeze other liquids and add them to the ice catcher if you have access to ice molds.
You'll need to make sure your ice molds aren't too big or too small to fit into the bong without falling into the water chamber.
For years, stoners all around the world have experimented with this method of flavoring.
Using ice in a bong gives you the option of enhancing your flavor in a multitude of ways. So how you smoke and what you taste is all up to you, whether you use soda, juices, or even iced coffee molds.

Last Thoughts on Using an Ice Bong
Anyone who has or wants to improve their overall smoking experience should put ice in their bong.
Not only can you take cleaner, smoother, and larger drags with an ice bong, but you also get to enjoy the thrill and excitement of testing out new flavors.
Therefore, put some ice in your bongs, long coughs, aching throats, and a burning chest are no longer an issue. Simply add ice in a bong to cool down your smoke and experience a better high.

Where to Find the Best Unique Bongs for Sale
Find them online. Once you have some sort of idea what you want out of your bong, you can shop for bongs online to find some that are pretty unique. Another benefit to shopping online is competitive prices, and many online retailers like Eaglebongs offer a variety of bongs for an attractive price.
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Get the Bong of Your Dreams
We live in the golden age of being a stoner. Marijuana is legal across much of the country. Intense strains of weed are available everywhere, and there is a renaissance in smoking apparatus development.
Buying bong has never been so easy or affordable. Buy your dream bong online and have many happy hits from that moment on.

the bongs origin and shapes

A bong is a rather popular accessory for cannabis users. It allows you to inhale pure cannabis, without necessarily adding tobacco, making it a beloved accessory among consumers who prefer to have powerful effects at a lower cost, according to some people.

This accessory works with water, which the user will heat up using his lighter. Many people often confuse the bong with its cousin, the water pipe. Now, I can tell you that the two are not that much alike and that they are not really used for the same thing.

In the states, the bong is less popular here, maybe that's where the confusion comes from. The bong gives the possibility of having the effects at a speed exceeding all expectations.

What is the origin of the bong?

Like many accessories used to smoke certain drugs, we do not know with precision the true origin of the bong. We can therefore only make assumptions as to the initial provenance of this product. What I can say is that man throughout evolution has always used accessories that he made with his hands when he sought to smoke tobacco or other substances.

Moreover, the very first ancestor of the bong would be, according to vestiges found on both sides of the globe, a coconut! It would have been used for the first time during the 15th century, embellished with a straw that was simply intended to suck the smoke. At the time, people smoked in order to be in a better mood.

Another ancestor of the bong was the animal horn, which was, according to recent research and excavation, used for the same purpose as the bongs we know today. Regarding the exact geographical origin of this accessory for smoking cannabis, specialists have mixed opinions. While some belief with certainty that it is a product from India, others see Persia as the land where the bong was created.

What are the components of the bong?

A bong, which it is possible and even frequent to make with one's own hands, consists of a reservoir in which the consumer pours water, and which has, on the open end of the top, a location aimed at positioning his mouth to inhale the smoke. We add, on the side, a hollow tube, at the end of which we place the herb.

Ice cubes can be added to the water in the tank. Moreover, you should know that the presence of water is intended to make the smoke softer and therefore less aggressive during inhalation.

What are the different types of bongs?

There are many types of bongs that differ from each other in many ways and sizes varied from mini bongs to larger bongs. Therefore, I can assure you that it is possible to obtain various materials.

They can, thus, be made of bamboo, moreover, the initial name of the bong comes from a word of Thai origin which means bamboo. In the trade, there is the possibility of acquiring, in addition, aesthetic glass bongs, translucent or colored, glass which, according to users, does not alter the taste of the herb thus consumed.

There are also acrylic products, which, unlike glass which do not withstand shocks nor have the advantage of being durable. However, acrylic, by virtue of its components, would more or less significantly affect the initial taste. Others are made of wood, which also makes them decorative.

There are some in plastic as well as others that are shaped in ceramics. The list is of course not exhaustive since the manufacturers sometimes have an overflowing imagination to make these accessories for smoking!

Their shape can vary, just like their material, sometimes for a purely aesthetic purpose. Thus, it is possible to get a carburetor bong, also called a carb. This is the name given to all bongs which, quite simply, have an air hole. You can also get a percolator bong; the latter serves to make the smoke softer.

Other types are emerging regularly!

What Is The Function Of A bubblers?


Hand-held pipes for dry herbs, bubblers use water to clean the herbs before they go into the user's mouth. No matter what shape or size, bubbler pipes have certain essential traits in common. Smokeless tobacco products are designed for use with dry herbs and are small enough to fit in your hand. Smokeless tobacco products draw smoke via liquid inside the device to produce an exceptionally smooth and cool flavor experience. Consider them to be a little version of a bong!

Nearly all bubblers on the market will be constructed from a single piece of glass. Bubblers made entirely of silicone or from a combination of glass and silicone are becoming more widespread. If the thought of using a complicated glass pipe like a bubbler is too much for you, silicone alternatives are available that are much easier to operate. Most of them are detachable for quick and easy cleaning.

While a full-sized bong has a more complex mechanism, a bubbler pipe's mechanism is quite comparable. To store your dried herbs, the pipe has a little outside bowl. You will inhale smoke from the bowl through a small water reservoir inside the pipe once it is lighted. An audible "bubbling" sound will be heard if the procedure is carried out successfully. Water removes abrasive smoke particles while also serving as a cooling agent, resulting in a deliciously flavored hit. Tobacco has a milder flavor than glass pipes such as the spoon, sherlock, or chillum pipe.

When Filling a Bubbler, How Much Water Should You Use?

Succeeding with a bubbler pipe requires the right amount of water in the pipe. A bubbler pipe's water consumption will vary depending on its size and design, hence there is no standard amount. If you're searching for a general rule of thumb, make sure there's enough water in the reservoir to completely cover the point where smoke enters, but not so much that smoke can't travel around.

No need to panic if you find yourself in possession of a bubbler but lack access to water. Even if you use bubblers without water, the flavor will be diminished. In order to determine the ideal amount of water for your particular pipe, it is best to ensure that there is always a sufficient supply of water on hand.

Using a Bubbler: A Quick Guide

Using a bubbler isn't all that different from using other dry glass pipes without the bubbler attached. The primary distinction is that before you begin packing the bowl, you must ensure that you have the desired amount of water in the pipe. However, you will still stuff the bowl loosely according to your personal preferences despite this (and you still need to make sure you grind the dry herb). Clear the bowl of any ash or residue after you've finished smoking. After that, drain the water and discard it (this will help prevent residue from building on the inside of the pipe).

How to Care for a Bubbly Water Fountain

It's critical to keep your bubbler clean if you want to get the finest flavor out of it. Bubblers, on the other hand, can be difficult to clean due to the fact that they are made of single-piece glass. The following steps will show you how to clean most bubblers in a general manner.

Clear the bowl of any food or trash.

Drain the pipe of any remaining water.

Clean the bubbler in a cleaning solution. Specialty cleaners like 420 Cleaner or household treatments like isopropyl alcohol are just a few alternatives. Make sure you've got enough to thoroughly submerge the pipe in water.

Make sure you soak the bubbler for at least 45 minutes before you use it. Any residue left in the pipe will require additional soaking time.

Using a saltwater solution on the interior can help remove any remaining residue after several attempts at soaking. Salt is a mild abrasive that can be used to clean the inside of the pipe without destroying the crystallized tobacco.

Rinse the pipe completely after cleaning it. It's critical to properly rinse out all of the cleaning solution from the pipe before continuing.

The pipe should be allowed to air dry before using it. Everything has been put back in place and is now ready for use!

Booger vs. Bong: Who Will Win?

Bubblers, as previously said, are basically small bongs. Regardless, if you're deciding between the two, you should keep in mind certain important distinctions. Miniature bubblers are far more discrete and convenient to carry. With them, you don't have to lug a bulky bong around with you while you smoke.

Bongs, on the other hand, are known for their large capacity and wide variety of flavor options. Since the bowl on a traditional bong is substantially larger, users can enjoy longer or more intense smoking sessions than with a bubbler. Bongs have the added benefit of holding more water, allowing the smoke to be filtered for a longer period of time. If you're using a bubbler, your hits will be more harsh and acrid. More bong accessories, such as ash catchers, ice catchers, and diffusers, are now available, allowing you to further personalize your smoking experience.

Pros and Cons of Using a Bubbler

It's compact and lightweight, making it portable.

When compared to bongs or other more intricate setups, this one is more affordable.

If water isn't available, it can be utilized as a dry pipe.


A bubbler's bowl is small in comparison to bongs.

Cleaning a single-glass bubbler might be a hassle (though silicone bubblers largely remedy this concern)

Doesn't deliver a cold or smoother hit than a larger bong setup

How to Use a Bubbler: A Quick Guide

This guide's advice will ensure that you have a great time with your bubbler!

Using a weed grinder ensures that your marijuana burns evenly and efficiently because it has been ground down to a fine powder. Better flavor, more efficient burning, and easier draws are all results.

Before you fill the bowl, make sure the water level is correct. Over time, water vapor escapes through the ground. Even if you haven't used your bubbler in a while, if there isn't enough water in it, you could be in for a nasty surprise. Don't use too much water, or you'll have a hard time getting good draws.

Glass bubblers should be transported in a protective case to prevent damage to the glass. Glass bubblers require a soft carrying case if you intend to take them on a trip. It's a low-cost approach to keep your pipes safe!

Keep your pipe clean by cleaning it on a regular basis. This will keep the flavor in your pipe fresh and your pipe looking good.

What is the difference between a Bang and a Bong?

Asians invented the Bang, which is also referred to as a Bong or simply as a water pipe. "Baung" is a Thai word that refers to bamboo tubes used to heat herbs. Its use dates back to the 1100s and 1400s, when ceramics and animal horns made in Africa and Central Asia were discovered during archeological digs.

Today, the bong is used in a different way than a cigarette roll, primarily for smoking tobacco but also for smoking other herbs. It cools and filters the smoke by using a liquid that includes water. This permits the inhalation of fumes with lower toxicity, as determined by scientists. Filtered smoke contains less carcinogenic residue and is therefore less hazardous than unfiltered smoke. As a result, using the bong is a breeze.

As a result, there are numerous types of water pipes.

The most common type of bong is made of glass. Acryl (a type of plastic), pyrex, and even metal can be found. Everything is dependent on how much you use it.

How big your bong is, and what kind of decoration you want on it. There are a lot of options.

The length of the chimney determines how much inhalation power you'll require.

The chimney's ice system lets you store ice cubes to help cool your smoke.

A bong's number of percolators will determine how many stages of filtration it has.

As a result, you can find cheap bongs for sale and other items that are much more valuable based on your preferences.

The ingredients are different, but the composition is the same:

a plug-in for the cigarette lighter

The pipe leading from the filter's socket to the water it'll filter

Once the smoke has entered the chamber, you unblock the carburetor and use it to suck up the smoke.

a smoke-storage chamber with a filtering device such as a percolator or perco and an ice system for ice cubes.

The mouthpiece serves as the final point of contact between you and the vapor you're inhaling.

What to do with your bangs once you get them

Using water pipes may appear difficult at first glance, but it is actually quite simple. Smokers can use it instead of cigarettes or joints because of its availability (the use and purchase of cannabis is prohibited by law). We'll walk you through four steps to get your Bong up and running:

To begin, fill the bong halfway with water. About a third of the way down the rod should be submerged.

Vacuum the area to ensure it's level Unless you have water on your lips and the water is bubbling, you are safe. After that, you can substitute tea or another beverage of your choice for the water.

Tobacco must then be inserted into the nozzle. A blow-in of the tip to ensure that it is not clogged is required. Everything will be fine as long as the air flows freely. If it's blocked, you'll have to use a small object to get it unblocked. After each use of your bong, be sure to thoroughly clean your sockets.

Then light your lighter, put your lips on the mouthpiece, and suck on the tobacco in the socket while burning it with your lighter.

Finally, all that's left to do is inhale deeply and savor the sweet and savory flavor of your vapor.

On the one hand, cleaning your bong on a regular basis is critical. As well as ensuring that the fireplace (the socket) is free of ash. Additionally, you must replace the water every time you use it.

How to take care of your hairstyle's fringe

Cleaning a bong is a must-do for every bong user. On the one hand, nothing ruins the flavor of smoke like a filthy bong. But a filthy bong encourages the growth of harmful bacteria. For this reason, cleaning your Bong thoroughly and regularly is critical if you want to enjoy a flavorful and generous hit. When it comes to cleaning your Bang! Vape, has you covered.

It is cleaned in three stages:

The first thing you should do is use a dry cleanser such as baking soda or Epsom salt to remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated. Fill your nozzle with a small amount and then inhale it through the hole in the bong's mouthpiece. The bong's volume must be poured, so plan on pouring between 80 and 120 grams. After that, shake vigorously to thoroughly coat the bong with the intoxicating concoction.

After that, a liquid cleaner like isopropyl alcohol (denatured alcohol or white vinegar) must be added and thoroughly mixed. If you're going to use a liquid cleanser, make sure it's healthy and natural. Thus, it does not use toxic or flammable products which could leave bad residues. It's possible that it'll put your health in jeopardy. Then shake the container vigorously for a few minutes to get rid of any leftover residue.

Finally, disassemble your bong and run hot water over all of the parts to remove any deposits. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to ensure that your bong is sparkling clean.

To wrap things up, cotton swabs are a great cleaning tool for hard-to-reach areas of the bong. After cleaning, allow the bong to air dry completely before putting it back together. It's just a matter of putting it to good use.

Benefits Of Using A Bong To Smoke

Do you enjoy smoking marijuana, but you've only ever used traditional rolling papers? After reading this article, you might want to put your books away and try something new when it comes to your marijuana smoking experience. Perhaps you've heard that switching to glass bongs for a better smoking experience is a good idea, but you need more convincing? When using a bong, many Cannabis smokers switch from rolling papers to bongs because it's more enjoyable. When you finally give it a shot, who knows? You might even become a part of the crowd. So, what are the benefits of using a bong to smoke? The following benefits should be taken into account:

Increased Sensitivity

Bongs are the way to go if you want to get the most out of your marijuana's flavor. Because the flavor can't escape due to the container's airtight seal, everything goes straight into your mouth. Additionally, the water in your bong will aid in filtering out the impurities in your smoke, ensuring that you only inhale pure, flavorless smoke. Smoking with rolling paper can introduce larger particles into your lungs. Using water as a filter will help remove these larger particles. A bong is the best way to enjoy all of the cannabis flower's terpenes.

They're a Little Older School.

When it comes to smoking, bongs are the only way to go if you're a purist. Bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be displayed on a nightstand or desk. You can lend your bongs to a friend who smokes marijuana when they come to visit. Compared to traditional rolling paper, this is a more classic way to smoke.

Makes it easier to save money

You'll save more money if you smoke from a bong. It is possible to conserve your smoke by using a bong, which keeps the smoke from evaporating too quickly.

A small amount of Cannabis can therefore produce the same effect as a larger amount of Cannabis smoked on paper. When using bongs to smoke, a small amount of plant material has the same effect as a larger amount when rolled in paper. As a result, you'll have more money to spend on higher-quality Cannabis. Using paper rolling to smoke will cost you more money because you can't reuse the papers once they've been burned. However, if you have bongs that you can use and reuse, you won't have to spend money on papers.

Smoking From a Bong Is Better for Your Health

Researchers from the University of Texas and Harvard's School of Public Health collaborated on a study that found that passing cannabis smoke through water removes two toxic substances. Acrolein and acetaldehyde are at issue here. Paper rolling, on the other hand, increases your risk of inhaling harmful substances.

When inhaled, acrolein and acetaldehyde are harmful to the lungs. They are capable of destroying the lungs' main defense cells. They can also impair one's overall immune system. Smoking with bongs is the best way to reduce the negative effects of smoking on your immune system. Some of these harmful substances can be filtered out by the water in the ashtray, resulting in cleaner smoke.

They aid in the upkeep of a clean environment.

When using rolling paper to smoke, you're almost certain to drop the paper's remnants on the floor after you're done. You'll end up with an abundance of rolling paper on the floor if you smoke continuously in one location. Smoking from a bong will keep you away from this problem. Because bongs don't require any paper to smoke, you won't be leaving behind trash, helping to keep the environment clean. In addition to the papers, your home will be covered in ashes.

If you smoke with rolling papers at home, you'll probably have an ashtray in the middle of your coffee table. If you don't remove it and clean your tray, it could sit there for a long time. Smoking from a bong, on the other hand, produces no ash, so there's no need to keep ash trays around. When using a bong, all of the ash will be dissolved in the water, making cleanup a breeze.

Bong smoking has a number of advantages.

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Prior to purchasing a bong, there are a few questions you should ask.

If this is your first time acquiring cannabis accessories or equipment, you may be unsure of how to obtain the optimal one. The advantage of purchasing accessories and equipment in-person is that you may ask any pertinent concerns to the friendly personnel at your neighborhood drugstore! You won't have to fear making a poor choice or purchasing anything that is too far outside your comfort zone if you take some time to consider the essential questions to ask the knowledgeable personnel.

A bong is one of the most beneficial accessories that a novice user may obtain to spice up their cannabis consumption. A bong is an exciting and enjoyable piece of cannabis equipment that may be used alone, with friends, or as a decorative piece in your living room. If you enjoy smoking with others for social purposes, a bong is the way to go.

However, how can you choose which bong and bong accessories are most suited to your needs?

The easiest method to achieve this is to consult with pharmacy personnel regarding the type of bong to purchase, the price range, and other pertinent topics. Consider some of the best questions you can ask!

Before making your first bong purchase, here are some questions to ask a smoke shop staff. Is this package reasonably priced? When purchasing a bong, what materials should I look for? Should I make certain accessory purchases? Which bongs are the best for novices? To obtain your one-of-a-kind bong, it is necessary to be familiar with the following.

1.Keep the ideal thickness in mind.

A bong's thickness is determined by its material. While a silicone bong does not need to be very thick, ceramic and Eaglebongs must because to their fragility. While thickness should not compromise mobility, thicker glass provides greater durability.

As a consequence, look for a device that strikes a compromise between being rugged enough to withstand accidental accidents and being lightweight enough to be taken outside if necessary.

2.Assess the Most Appropriate Dimensions

Size counts a great deal when it comes to bongs. The size of a bong, on the other hand, has no impact on the experience you get when using it. Alternatively, you do not require a monstrous bong to have a good time. While larger bongs definitely produce bigger hits, they may not be the best choice for beginners. Additionally, consider how portability would be impacted by the size.

If you're a beginner, it's best to start with smaller bongs. This bong is noteworthy for its consistency in flavor delivery. As a result, they have earned the moniker "flavor savers." The size of the joints is one aspect to consider when selecting the proper bong size.

3.Consider the life expectancy of the bong

The first thing you should inquire about with the personnel is the bong's duration. Is the cost justified by the longevity of the bong, and how long will it last? To maximize your investment, choose a bong with a lengthy life.

4.Take the Percolation Function into consideration.

The type of filtration you require is a critical factor to consider while selecting your selection. The makers filtered and chilled the smoke from the bong using percolators and glycerin coils. All modern bongs require a percolator, and smoking without one is insufficient. This gadget filters the liquid optimally, resulting in a delectable, smooth, and icy hit.

Percolators are available in a number of forms and sizes, including honeycomb percolators and Swiss percolators, and each has its unique filtering mechanism. A bong may have many percolators for optimum filtering. While the majority of percolators improve the water's smoothness, they also increase drag. An increased pull will need a fairly forceful inhale to empty the bong.

5.Price is a Factor

The next question to ask a smoke store clerk regarding a bong purchase is the price. You must ensure that you are not paying an excessive amount for a high-quality bong. If you spend an excessive amount of money on your first bong, you risk purchasing something you dislike. As a result, choose for a product that is both high-quality and reasonably priced.

6.Take into account the testimonials

Following that, inquire about the item's evaluations with the smoke shop personnel. You may make an educated choice by inquiring about an item's popularity with staff at a smoke shop and reading in-person reviews. This will assist you in selecting the ideal product!

However, the most critical point to remember is that you should contact the knowledgeable personnel of a reputable smoke shop. Here, I'd like to propose an excellent smoke store to you based on its friendliness: Eaglebongs, the finest smoke shop. Eaglebongs has dedicated itself throughout its existence to providing superior smoking accessories that are the trendiest, finest, and newest. It's a fantastic shop that stocks an array of bongs; you name it, they've got it. By the way, the pleasant personnel will ensure that your shopping experience is exceptional.

7.Take into account the Bong's upkeep

Maintenance is a critical and required component of bong ownership that should factor into your selection. Bongs require routine maintenance to maintain peak performance and functionality. As you utilize them, they will accumulate tar and resins. If you disregard this, the flavor, cleanliness, and operation of the bong will be compromised.

Large bongs equipped with a variety of attachments, such as percolators, will give superior filtration. On the other side, cleaning such goods would be challenging. On the other hand, maintaining and cleaning a smaller object should be straightforward. Debris, ash catchers, and trap ash are all bong accessories that increase filtration and facilitate cleaning.


In summary, if this is your first time purchasing a bong and you're unsure how to pick one, it's absolutely a good idea to get assistance from Eaglebongs experts!

The best method of inhalation: roll vs vape vs pipe vs bong

If you're new to cannabis, you've probably soon found that there are several ways to consume it. Edibles, as well as more medical approaches such as tinctures and capsules, are gaining popularity. You may even apply cannabis products directly to your skin — however this method is only useful if you have no intention of getting high.

However, the most traditional way of marijuana use continues to be the most popular: inhalation. Studies on the respiratory consequences of marijuana usage indicate that inhaling marijuana does not have nearly the same detrimental effect on the lungs as smoking tobacco; in fact, some data suggests that smoking cannabis may have beneficial effects on the lungs. Thus, novices may very well want to consume cannabis in the traditional manner.

There is only one issue: how should one inhale? There are four primary techniques for inhaling marijuana, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here's a brief overview of each to help you choose the best choice for you:


Rollies are a popular and simple way to smoke cannabis, whether you purchase pre-rolls or create your own joints and blunts. When you roll your own cannabis, you have nearly total control over the finished product's appearance — which strains are used, whether concentrates such as wax or kief are included, and how much herb is put within. Additionally, rolling papers are affordable and widely accessible, as well as lightweight and portable. Once you've smoked your rollie, cleanup is easy; you simply throw the roach.

Rollies, on the other hand, are not everyone's preferred technique of inhaling. While pre-rolls are inexpensive and readily accessible in any California cannabis shop, they lack the personalization offered by rolling your own. However, rolling a joint requires practice; there are several errors that a novice user might make, such as not crushing the nugs first or dusting cannabis onto papers. If you're not interested in learning appropriate rolling technique, you may choose another inhaling method.


Perhaps the most fascinating stoner gear is the pipe. Pipes provide sparkle and pizazz to your marijuana session by enabling your individuality to shine via your smoking tool of choice. While packing a bowl does need some expertise, it requires far less coordination and attention than DIY rollies. Additionally, because you are handling an instrument rather than the cannabis itself, you are far less likely to acquire kushy scent on your clothing and fingers.

Pipes, on the other hand, require some upkeep. You must clean your pipe after each use, otherwise the instrument will get completely covered in the sticky residue of your marijuana – the resin. It is possible to collect and smoke resin for a strong high, but even if you do, you must regularly scour the pipe to avoid occlusions or, worse, mold.


Technically, a bong is merely another type of pipe, referred to as a water pipe, that pulls cannabis smoke through water to remove tar and other combustible particles. According to bong evangelists, hits from water pipes are more pure and powerful than hits from rollies or pipes. It is true that bongs emit a negligible amount of odor, making them slightly more inconspicuous than the techniques discussed above. As with pipes, bongs come in a variety of designs, making it very simple to choose one that matches your aesthetic. Indeed, individuals who enjoy bongs frequently collect them and display them as works of art throughout their houses.

The benefits of bongs are offset by their significant disadvantages. Bongs are often big and cumbersome, making them nearly hard to conceal from family members or roommates when used on the fly. Additionally, bongs are typically delicate, made of glass, and costly. As with pipes, bongs must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid odor and inefficiency, although cleaning them is more difficult than cleaning a pipe. Finally, if you are a bong user, you must commit to a specific lifestyle.

Vapes While vaporizers appear to be a relatively recent technology, stoners have been using them to get high for decades. Unlike other techniques of inhalation, vapes do not immediately burn cannabis material; rather, they heat it (directly or indirectly) to produce vapor that contains cannabis chemicals. Vaporizers are classified into two categories: tabletop and portable. As you might assume, the former is larger and bulkier, meant to be placed on a table, whilst the latter is often smaller and more portable. Vapes come in a wide variety of configurations, with some capable of utilizing concentrates such as shatter and wax and others with straightforward, beginner-friendly e-liquid. There are so many alternatives for vapes that you may want to consult with budtenders to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each make and model.

As a newbie to marijuana culture, you have a lot to learn. However, if you go cautiously and experiment with several techniques of usage, you are certain to discover one that works wonderfully for you.

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How to Use a Bong Properly: The Fundamentals

In 36 of the 50 states, medical marijuana is currently legal. With marijuana becoming increasingly legal, an increasing number of individuals are deciding to try it, maybe for the first time.

With so many various methods to consume marijuana, it may be overwhelming for a novice.

While smoking a bong is an excellent place to start, if you're unsure how to use one, we've got you covered. It's not nearly as complex as it appears, and the experience is unlike anything else.

Continue reading for a step-by-step breakdown of how a bong works.

How a Bong Operates

A bong is essentially similar to a glass pipe, except that it employs water to chill and filter the smoke, resulting in a smoother, more flavorful smoking experience.

Smoke is drawn through the water chamber, and while it does so, the water extracts detritus from the smoke, such as tar and ash, while also cooling it.

This implies that smoking a bong may be one of the healthiest methods of marijuana consumption, while also providing a more relaxing experience for your lungs, which is one of the primary advantages of bongs.

Preparation of Your Bong

To begin, fill the chamber of your bong with water. Generally, you pour the water into the bong through the mouthpiece, which is often a big hole towards the top.

You simply need to add enough water to completely immerse the downstem. Take care not to add too much or the marijuana may get moist.

Step 2: Grind the Herb and Pack it

It's now time to grind and package the marijuana. While there are several varieties of bongs available online, each with its own set of bells and whistles, this process remains constant.

To do so efficiently, the best option is to use a grinder. Place the marijuana in the grinder's teethed section.

Close it and re-twist it until it feels smooth.

Open your grinder carefully and add a pinch of marijuana in the bowl of your bong. Lightly press it down with something flat, such as the end of a lighter, but avoid packing it too firmly or you'll have difficulty removing it afterwards.

Continue adding until the bowl is completely full, and then insert the bowl into the downstem.

Step 3: Light a match and inhale

Now is the time to begin smoking from a bong. Light a corner of the bowl and, at the same time, place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale.

In the water room, you will feel and hear bubbles. You are not need to pull violently; only be smooth and steady.

If your bong is transparent, you will be able to see the smoke go from the bowl to the water chamber and up. When the chamber is completely filled with smoke, remove the bong's bowl and inhale the smoke.

When you remove the bowl while inhaling, the smoke is forced up into your lungs, providing a stronger dose than with a glass pipe.

How to Use a Bong Correctly

You now understand how to properly utilize a bong! As you can see, the process is not nearly as complex as it appears.

Why not give a bong a try today? You're going to be pleased you did.

If you're looking to learn something new today, peruse our collection of interesting articles!

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Restoring the Fundamentals How To Properly Use A Bong

If you have any recollections of your first bong experience, the first thing that probably springs to mind is how frightening it was. If you are only familiar with glass pipes or are a first-time bong user, it might be intimidating when it appears as though there are so many moving pieces involved in getting a good bong rip. This is why we want to break things down for newcomers so that their first time will be a breeze!

Components of a bong

Although there are several kinds of water bongs, their construction is straightforward: bowl, base, chamber, and mouthpiece. There are extra features on a bong like as ice catchers, percolators, and more - but the bong's fundamental construction comprises of only a few components.

Bowl: here is where you will place your bud and what you will use to light it, as well as what you will use to remove it prior to inhaling the smoke.

The base of the bong is where the water is stored and where the bong will sit when not in use.

Chamber: this is where the smoke congregates and goes up to just before inhalation. When using a bong, the smoke is processed in two stages: first by filling the chamber with smoke, and then by rapidly inhaling and "clearing" the chamber.

Mouthpiece: the aperture at the end of the tube into which your mouth is inserted. This is the aperture through which you will inhale and exhale the smoke. When using the mouthpiece, keep your lips inside the hole, not on top of it. Purse your lips slightly and insert softly into the hole, forming an airtight seal to capture the smoke.

How to properly assemble a water bong

You may purchase any inexpensive glass bongs on the market and pour water into the bong's base via the chamber, just enough to fill the downstem (the part between bowl and base). The water level should always be greater than the downstem to create a bubbling sensation while inhaling - feel free to experiment with different water levels in your bong to see which hits work best for you. Take a short and deep blow through the mouthpiece to check the level of water - it should readily bubble without the water touching your lips.

By adding ice to your bong, you may achieve cold, smooth bong rips that are excellent for novices. Put a couple ice cubes through the mouthpiece's opening and down the chamber. Enhance your smoking experience by infusing your bong with frozen fruit for a delectable flavor infusion!

Prepare your stuff for smoking

Following that, you'll crush some herb and add it to your bowl. It is critical to grind your cannabis before loading it into a bong bowl to achieve a smooth hit. Although it is possible to smoke marijuana by placing nugs in a bowl, this method is extremely wasteful and results in an uneven burn, so taking the time to grind your marijuana is a step you do not want to neglect. If the bowl has been used previously, you'll also want to clean it well to eliminate any residue or residual ash before adding your freshly ground ganja.

Pro tip: remove any stems or seeds before grinding your Mary Jane; the finer the ground, the better! Visit to learn more about smoking accessories.

Fill the bowl

When packing the bowl, you'll want to load it lightly with your bud. If you pack it too densely and too tightly, the smoke will have a difficult time passing through the chamber. With practice, you'll learn what size bowl is appropriate for your tastes.

After packing the bowl, re-insert it into the hole where the downstem is located or the section where it links to the bong's base.

How to deal with a blow

When ready to take a hit from your freshly-packed bong, ensure that you have a firm grasp on it and that it is securely put on a level surface or nestled between your legs. Grab the chamber region of the bong that is most comfortable for you with your non-dominant hand and utilize it as a grip.

Using the procedure described above, insert your lips into the mouthpiece and ready to inhale, but do not inhale yet. Additionally, and this should go without saying, bong etiquette exists and you should adhere to it. This includes cleaning your mouth and avoiding slobbering all over the mouthpiece when smoking in a public place.

Tilt your lighter over the bowl, igniting one piece of the ground marijuana. There is no need to fire the entire bowl, and lighting in parts will allow you to smoke your contents more effectively. When the ganja is lit, you'll begin inhaling and should notice smoke building in the chamber.

When you've gotten the desired amount of smoke, remove the bowl using the same hand that lit the bong. When you remove the bowl, you will inhale the smoke that has been cooling in the chamber and is waiting to shoot up to your lips. If you are unable to inhale the smoke all at once, you may take as many hits as necessary by covering the mouthpiece with your palm when exhaling. Experienced bong users take each hit completely, although this has a learning curve and requires experience. Visit Smokersguide for some helpful hints on how to properly use smoking equipment such as bongs.

After inhaling, exhale gently and slowly after taking a bong hit. Particularly if you are new to smoking, bong rips have a tendency to knock you for a loop, so it is critical to maintain your composure. Coughing may be involved, and you may feel as like you are malfunctioning, but this is completely natural and will pass. Congratulations, you've now learnt how to properly tear a bong!

Each bong is unique, and there are several kinds of water bongs available. This is a brief overview of how to use a bong, and we hope it inspires you to get out there and toke confidently. Bear in mind to breathe and to savor the event!

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The proper method to use bongs for cannabis smoking

When you are new to cannabis smoking, everything might appear scary. With the variety of accessories and goods available, it's easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the perfect things for you. However, by conducting some preliminary study, you may approach your first smoking experience with confidence and be prepared to enjoy marijuana responsibly.

How to use bongs properly!

Construct the bong

To begin utilizing bongs, the first three steps are to prepare the bong. If the device is not properly prepared, the smoking experience will suffer. More information on bongs may be found here.

1.Begin by filling the bong halfway with water. The amount of water required varies according on the size of the bong being used. When pouring the water, ensure that it enters the mouthpiece directly.

2.After that, grind your marijuana. Using a grinder, scissors, or other sharp tool, grind it finely enough to cram it into the bottom of your bowl.

3.Finally, load the marijuana inside the bong's bowl. The bowl is the funnel on the downstem's outer section. Avoid packing too tightly, since this will make it more difficult to pull a hit.

The bong is lit

Once you've prepped your smoking device, you'll need to understand how to light bongs.

1.If this is your first time using a bong, set it on a table and sit near the device so that you are level with the item.

2.Hold the bong in one hand, either around the smoke chamber or from the bottom.

3.Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and prepare for smoke inhalation.

4.Put your mouth on the mouthpiece, lips inside. When using bongs, ensure that there are no holes, as this allows smoke to escape.

5.Using your hand, ignite the lighter. Light the marijuana in the bowl with the other hand that is not holding the bong.

Inhalation of smoke

Inhaling the smoke is the final stage in utilizing bongs.

1.Slowly inhale while lighting the bowl with the lighter. At this stage, the smoke should not be in your lungs but should be gently ascending the chamber.

2.When you are happy with the amount of smoke within the chamber, extinguish the flame. If this is your first time using a bong, fill the chamber around halfway.

3.Pull the bowl from its stem and take a deep inhalation of the smoke. If you are unable to inhale the entire amount of smoke at once due to your inexperience with bongs, cover the mouthpiece with the palm of your hand to prevent smoke from escaping.

4.Retain the smoke in your lungs for a few seconds to achieve a high.

5.Exhale the smoke into the room or out the window.

6.Reinsert the bowl into the stem to prepare the bong for the next user.


It might be frightening to use bongs, but it does not have to be. Conducting preliminary study on the right method to make a bong, operate the equipment, and inhale the smoke is all that is required to feel confident during your first smoke session with pals.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Why Not Fill A Bong With Ice?

The fact is that smoking bongs can result in a hot, dry, and irritated throat, which can result in prolonged coughing.

However, you can obtain the necessary relaxation by filling a bong with ice. Let us verify!

For the last 14 years, I've been experimenting with different techniques to make bong smoking less unpleasant and more fun. I didn't know what the ice catcher was for until I learned it was there for a reason, to hold ice and much more. Many people do not even put ice in their bongs. This might be due to laziness or an inability to comprehend how it works. (I've accomplished both.)

Therefore, why not add ice to their bongs? There are numerous advantages to putting ice in a bong, and you'll learn how to get smoother, more flavorful, and bigger pulls from yours.

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to smoking in general, you may always find new methods to improve your smoking experience, such as adding ice to a bong.

Cannabis users have been creating innovative methods to smoke for years, and this is just one of the various ways they've enhanced the enjoyment of bong smoking while also delivering extra benefits.

The following four tips can help you improve your next smoking experience:

1.Smoke is filtered in a bong using ice.

To begin, this is the reason for the existence of ice catchers. They are intended to act as a smoke filter.

Because the bong is incapable of filtering the smoke on its own, you must add ice to get the advantages of a clean, filtered hit.

2. Ice Enhances the Flavor of a Bong

When ice is added to a bong, you not only get filtered smoke, but also additional taste.

This significantly enhances the smoking experience, whether you're extracting the most amount of flavor from your bud or adding your own.

3. Incorporating Ice Into A Bong Acts As A Splash Guard

No matter who you are, the splash back from bong water is never wanted, especially when it comes suddenly.

This is the sole reason that some individuals dislike water bongs. When put directly above the water chamber, ice in a bong functions as a splash guard.

4. You may take larger rips while using a bong filled with ice.

When you smoke a bong, you're likely expecting for a powerful dose that will keep you stoned for several hours. Due to the fact that ice screens the smoke, it enables you to take cooler hits, which allows for larger impacts.

A Smoother Hit Is Ensured When Ice Is Used In A Bong

Ice makes a huge impact in a bong bong. If you've ever wondered what the grooves in the center of your bong were for, now you do. These grooves function as ice catchers, keeping ice out of the water chamber.

Simply feed four or five pieces of ice (four or five total) through the bong's top and let the ice catcher to collect them before they fall into the water chamber.

Fill your bowl to the brim, take a massive rip, and unwind. While adding ice to a bong is not necessary, it does make a significant impact.

How Does an Ice Catcher Work?

While the water chamber already cools the smoke, adding ice causes the smoke to travel through the bong and make contact with the ice.

This reduces the smoke's temperature, making inhalation simpler and more pleasant.

When ice is added to a bong, this cooling process becomes far more effective. Simply avoid overfilling the water chamber.

The levels will rise as the ice melts.

Maintain an eye on the chamber's water level and drain it if it grows too full.

How to Add Different Flavors to Your Bong Using Ice

When you first started smoking, you probably didn't consider using an ice-filled bong; after all, why would you?

There was no one nearby to explain the purpose of those grooves or how to use them.

As a result, it's probable that you never considered adding various flavors to the ice catcher.

I recall it took me a time to understand that I could enhance my smoking experiences by changing the water, adding fruits, or using ice with a variety of flavors.

Utilizing Flavored Water or Another Liquid

This is perhaps the most frequent method of varying the flavor profile while smoking with ice in a bong.

Not only is this the most frequently occurring choice, but it is also the easiest of the three.

All you have to do is substitute any liquid for the water in the chamber.

Some people use mouthwash to provide a minty fresh taste to their breath. Others choose for Gatorade, Kool-aid, or flavored water.

You may further enhance the flavor with any beverage you choose.

Fruit Incorporation into the Ice Catcher

This is one of my favorites; by mixing ice and fruit, the smoke will impart whatever taste desired when it touches the ice catcher.

Some users enjoy adding orange slices, strawberries, apples, or even kiwi to their bong while it's filled with ice.

As a result, the flavor is immediately transformed when the smoke comes into contact with the blended ice, resulting in a pleasant, refreshing, fruity effect.

This approach is one of my favorites since it offers so many options. After using fruits, thoroughly clean your bong.

In Your Ice Bong, Use Flavored Ice Cubes

If you have access to ice molds, you can really freeze additional liquids and add them to the ice catcher.

You'll want to ensure that your ice molds are the proper size to fit within the bong without dropping into the water chamber.

Stoners the world over have experimented with this way of flavoring for years.

Using ice in a bong allows you to enhance your flavor in a variety of ways. Thus, you have complete control over how you smoke and what you taste, whether you use soda, juices, or even iced coffee molds.

Final Thoughts on the Use of an Ice Bong

Anyone who owns a bong or wishes to improve their smoking experience should add ice to it.

Not only does an ice bong allow for cleaner, smoother, and bigger draws, but it also allows for the pleasure and excitement of trying different tastes.

Therefore, by adding ice to your bongs, you may avoid prolonged coughs, painful throats, and a burning chest. Simply place ice in a bong to chill your smoke and improve your high.

Where to Buy the Most Unique Bongs

You can locate them online. Once you've determined what you want from your bong, you can shop for bongs online and discover some very unusual pieces. Another advantage of purchasing online is the competitive pricing, and many online merchants, such as Eaglebongs, provide a wide selection of bongs at a reasonable price.

Additionally, while purchasing online, you have access to a variety of various brands. Certain brands unquestionably top the industry, particularly in terms of price-performance ratio. Eaglebongs is renowned for its affordable prices. It provides a few unusual alternatives that are both high-quality and attractive to the minimalist eye, but their aesthetic emphasis should not be misconstrued with a lack of quality. All of their goods are produced to the finest standards, and while Eaglebongs is a younger rival, their beautifully detailed glasswork is fast eclipsing many older names.

Obtenez le bong de vos rêves

We are living in the golden era of stonerdom. Marijuana is legal in a large portion of the country. There are intense strains of marijuana accessible everywhere, and there is a renaissance in the creation of smoking gear.

Purchasing a bong has never been easier or more inexpensive. Purchase your ideal bong online and begin enjoying many pleasant hits immediately.

How Often Should You Change the Water in Your Bong?

Many individuals let their bong water to simmer without considering the bacteria that are developing there.

Mini bong

The care and maintenance of cannabis paraphernalia is mostly reliant on the individual. You could clean your bong every two weeks, or whenever the water begins to smell weird, if you're that sort of person. If you fall into the latter category, you're in for some unpleasant news.

While there is no need to be compulsive, it is critical to clean your pipe and bong. At the end of the day, they are the tools that control the components that enter your body, either enhancing or impairing your experience. When it comes to the water in your bong, some individuals believe that changing it once a day is sufficient, even though it sounds excessive.

Dirty bong water can cause lung infections, particularly if the bong is used often. This water may rapidly build a biofilm, which is populated by bacteria, yeast, and a variety of other microorganisms. Additionally, if the bong tips over and part of the water seeps into any garment, you will have a difficult time eliminating the odor. Avoid it.

For casual marijuana users — those who go weeks or months without using their bongs — it's critical to empty and clean your equipment after each use with boiling water. If you are not going to use it for an extended period of time, allow it to completely dry before storing it in a dry, warm location that will minimize the possibility of mildew growing.

When it comes to daily users of bongs, Westword suggests changing the water every 24 hours, unless you use more than a quarter-ounce of cannabis each day.

Additionally, it's critical to clean your bong at least every two weeks using alcohol and salt to avoid resin accumulation and remove any crud that won't dissolve with hot water and soap.

If you're not good at keeping track of your bong usage and the condition of your water, it's quite straightforward to determine when to give it a fast clean. Avoid water that is black, has resin, is moldy, or has an unpleasant odor. If any of the above occurs, you're almost certain to take a bad hit.

Where Do Bongs and Bubblers Come From?


When looking for the proper cigarette, it's easy to get confused between joints, blunts, vaporizers, and handpipes. When it comes to bongs and bubblers — the two most popular smoking devices in the cannabis industry — customers are often perplexed.

Glass bong

An easy way to tell them apart is to look at the shape of the bong. While our online headshop has a lot of information to help you narrow down your choices, it's easy to become lost in the sea of options.

The water in bongs and bubblers is filtered by the use of borosilicate glass bowls. A water pipe, on the other hand, is what we often refer to as a bubbler.

Let's compare and contrast the two to see what the differences are.


The features and shape of bongs and bubblers appear to be identical.

Special glass is used in their construction to ensure that they can withstand the release of pressure from within.

Just a heads up: The bubbler bong is another option.


Bubblers are just about half the size of a bong. Those who smoke often but only want a brief hit may appreciate the convenient size of these cigarette lighters. Bongs, on the other hand, include a more complex internal structure.

The water chamber in a bong is connected to a lengthy tube that filters the herb smoke via the water chamber. Since they have a larger surface area, placing them on the ground, a table, or even on your lap is an option.

Buffers, on the other hand, are perfect for on-the-go activities. They're easier to transport and smaller than bongs, making them great for vehicle use.


There are numerous designs and styles of bongs and bubblers to choose from. Whether you want a plain piece of glass or something with more personality, you'll be able to discover something to suit your needs.

Large bongs have the capacity to handle elaborate filter systems, allowing for the strongest possible stacking and bubbling.

However, bubblers tend to be more aesthetically pleasant because of their bubbly appearance. In some cases, their mouthpiece bends in the middle like a Sherlock pipe, while in others, it shoots out in two directions at the same time. Also, bubblers in spoon and disc shapes are available for purchase.

The ability to diffuse smoke is one trait that distinguishes bongs and bubblers.

Sessions are more gratifying and delightful when used in bongs than than bubblers, which have a more moderate diffusion.

Exactly how do a bong and a vaporizer differ?

Smoking Hookahs (water pipes) is a common pastime in the Gulf and South-East Asian countries.

The sophisticated pipe architecture of both devices removes impurities from the raw plants before they are used.

Water pipes like the bong and bubbler have a softer, more soothing effect on your lungs because of the way they deliver the smoke.

Bongs and bubblers frequently have recyclers, which extend the cooling period and increase the amount of vapor produced by the bubbles.

To summarize, both bubblers and bongs are excellent smoking instruments for those who are new to the habit. And as your skills improve, you'll be able to upgrade to ceramic bongs for even more pleasure!

In search of a Reliable Online Smoke Shop?

Glass bubblers and bongs of the highest quality are available for sale at the Bong Outlet, and orders over $99 qualify for free shipping. Glass pipes, vaporizers, and cannabis pipes of the highest quality are all available from our company at competitive costs.

Visit our rewards page, make a purchase today, or contact us for more information.

Is it Beneficial to Use Bongs or Water Pipes?

Naturally, the answer to the question of whether bongs or water pipes offer benefits is "yes."

According to statistics, the majority of people's initial choice while smoking is a bong or a water pipe. Are you attempting to ascertain why they would choose to utilize a bong or a water pipe? You will discover the truth by reading this article.

Individuals may always find water Pfeifen in a range of sizes, according to research. When it comes to water pipes, there are often two distinct classifications.

A bong is still included in this category whether it is used to smoke cannabis or hash. The second segment of the water pipe system is called Shinshas. Shinshas are now permitted to be used to smoke marijuana as well as tobacco.

There has been considerable confusion over the classification of bongs and water pipes. The reality is that there are several benefits to smoking cessation devices.


The ease of use is one of the factors that contribute to the usefulness of these items. It is not essential to have a specialized education or to read a manual in order to operate these devices. For many novices, rolling a joint properly may seem like a Herculean task. You can forget about the hassle associated with a broken water pipe. In the majority of cases, bongs are split into parts. The bowl, stem, vase, and tubing are the most critical components of the majority of bongs.

The working idea is identical whether you're using standard or local pipes. Water pipes have a hose, but bongs have a tube. Once you've mastered this simple method, using two devices will become second nature. Additionally, both devices are extremely simple to operate. This means that when folks utilize both devices, they will be stress-free. As a consequence, you may begin using these devices without delay. The softer impacts are one of the major reasons why individuals choose to smoke using water pipes. This is always the case for a novice to the smoking world.

The initial impact of water pipes can commonly induce feelings of tranquillity and contentment. This means that the initial sensation you have while inhaling from water pipes is a gentler hit. Additionally, your cigarette's temperature will stay comfortable. In comparison to water pipes, smoking a joint may not give the same degree of enjoyment. A joint can irritate the smoker's throat and airways while remaining hot. Without safeguards, the smoker's chest may become suffocating with unpleasant gases, resulting in severe coughing. You may always utilize a water pipe to avoid any discomfort produced by a joint.

What You Should Be Aware Of When It Comes To Bongs

While the origins of bongs are hotly contested among historians, the most widely accepted scenario is that they originated in Thailand. The term "bong" was used to corroborate these assertions, as it derived from the Thai word "baung." Originally, what Thailand referred to as "baung" was a bamboo-based smoking apparatus. This smoking apparatus is thought to be one of the first, predating pipes and their numerous variants. In the contemporary day, bongs are mostly made of glass and include a lengthy tube that is sealed on just one end.

Bongs often have three openings: one for dry herb combustion, one for the mouth, and one that may be covered and unveiled to expel collected smoke. Nowadays, bongs are mostly used for cannabis smoking. If you're interested in learning more about these interesting gadgets, here's a quick primer.

The Bong Is a Work of Art

Numerous individuals, including non-smokers, are interested in bongs only for their forms and patterns. The sky is the limit when it comes to their sizes, forms, and styles. As long as the primary components are constructed properly, individuals may have a lot of fun with their creations. While some bongs are simplistic in form, they are sometimes embellished with cool-looking flowers or even skulls. Additional elements like as percolators that filter and chill the smoke are added to other bongs.

Bongs Vary Significantly

Apart from their forms and shapes, bongs are available in a variety of materials. Glass is the "it" material for bongs these days since it gives the finest performance and durability; it does not break, crack, or split easily, even after extended usage. According to experienced tobacconists at the hemper store, glass is typically favored since it does not impact or change the flavor of smoked herbs in any way, unlike wood, for example. After glass, metal is the second best material. This is unsurprising, given that metal bongs do not break when dropped. Another significant advantage of metal bongs is their aesthetic appearance.

Percussion or No Percussion?

As previously stated, several current and new-generation bongs have percolators. The most perplexing question for many novices is "to perc or not to perc?" Percs in bongs function similarly to old-fashioned coffee machines. Their primary function is to facilitate the interaction of water and dried plants. Rather of passing the smoke through the water only once, as is the case with regular bongs, smoke is passed through the water twice with bongs with percs, resulting in a far colder and smoother effect. If you don't mind paying a little more, you should certainly opt for a bong with a percolator.

Bongs are available in a variety of forms, styles, sizes, and materials to suit every taste. Whether you're a traditionalist or a modernist, you can be certain that you'll discover something that matches your tastes. Even non-smokers occasionally purchase bongs for their aesthetic appearance and unique designs. Not only do bongs have interesting designs; they're also convenient to transport and use, and glass bongs are excellent for giving smooth hits with the pure, unmodified flavor of the cannabis plant.

Dry Pipes Vs. Water Pipes

Dry Pipes Vs. Water Pipes

Are you new to the world of smoking herbs and trying to figure out the difference between dry pipes vs. water pipes? We’ll discuss the different aspects that set the two apart to help you become familiar with your new smoking implement.

The basics

Dry pipes or hand pipes are hand-held smoking devices that let you smoke herbs without any water for filtration. Types of dry pipes include:

1.Glass blunts




5.Spoon pipes

Water pipes, of course, are smoking devices that have water chambers in it for filtration. Unlike dry pipes, there are only three types of water pipes to choose from:




Ease of use

Dry pipes are simple and straightforward. All you have to do is load or pack the dry pipe, light up your herb, and smoke away. This simplicity makes it ideal for beginners who are trying to smoke herbs for the first time.

Water pipes, depending on the design, can be a bit complicated to use. You have to fill it with the right water level, or you won’t get the cooling and filtration effect that you’re after. You have to make sure that all the parts are dry after filling it up or you will waste your herbs. However, once you get past the minor learning curve, everything is smooth sailing.


Dry pipes are commonly called as hand pipes because you can easily carry them with one hand. Small-sized dry pipes can be easily concealed with just one hand. Since they are fashioned with portability in mind, most of these dry pipes are made with sturdy, thick material. You can put them in your pocket and bring them with you anywhere.

Although there are mini bongs and portable water pipes, there’s a limit on where you can carry water pipes with you. They need a bit of care to pack, and even the small ones can bulge in your pocket.

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Smoking experience

Dry pipes give you intense, raw flavors of your herbs. It’s easier to draw from a dry pipe because of the short distance between the bowl and the mouthpiece. Because there’s no filtration going on, you’ll experience the full effect of your herbs. The size of the pipe can limit your smoking session with each load. You may need to refill the bowl a couple of times in order to get the effect you are looking for. This can be a good thing for new smokers because you’ll be able to gauge up to how much herbs you can smoke in a session before it hits.

Water pipes are best for those who prefer smoother, cleaner, and cooler hits. The water helps to filter combusted materials like tar and resin, and other carcinogenic compounds. Highly advisable for those who have throat irritation and are after a mild smoking experience. Also, bongs can be massive in size, which means they are capable of giving you huge clouds of smoke. One drag is often enough to get you medicated. For inexperienced smokers, this can be a bit overwhelming, so it’s better to start small.


You don’t have to do much to clean a dry pipe. A simple soak and shake are often enough to make it ready for the next use. They do tend to clog up if not maintained regularly because of the lack of removable parts.

Water pipes can be a bit tricky to clean, especially if you’re dealing with percolators. The ash and resin can get stuck on the tiny holes, requiring a bit more elbow grease to take them out.


Dry pipes cost less compared to water pipes because they have simple designs regardless of the material they are made of. Our collection of dry pipes range from $5.99-$95.99, with each of them simple and easy to get used to.

Water pipes are more expensive than dry pipes. The best water pipes are often made of glass and hand blown by expert blowers who are also smokers. They know what smokers are looking for in a water pipe. They put their skills and artistic expertise in making a water pipe that is functional, practical, and also cool to look at. Our water pipes cost $11-99– $355.60, and all of them are highly efficient and offer the best smoking experience.

Dry pipes and water pipes have various qualities that can make your sessions unique and satisfying.

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