Sunday, September 26, 2021

Fixing a Broken Bong Downstem: What Are My Options?

Broken downstems on your bong aren't the end of the world. To begin, determine the extent of the damage. How much damage has been done to your downstem and where is it? After you've done your inspection, you'll be able to figure out what needs to be fixed.

The first tip is to use duct tape.

If your downstem has clean breaks and/or if there are just two or three parts to be joined, then duct tape can be utilized.

1.Make sure the edges are clean and dry thoroughly.

2.Reassemble the shattered parts as firmly and smoothly as possible.

3.Use duct tape to bind all of the pieces together.

If the damaged component has been immersed in water, this is a very short-term fix. The beaker bong downstem may be thickened with duct tape. The downstem may not fit through if the grommet is present at the junction. The airless intersection will not be as smooth as it was in the past, though.

Tip 2: Make use of adhesives

You may fix your broken downstem semi-permanently by using bonding materials such as food grade silicone or food grade epoxy

Using silicone made from 100% pure food grade ingredients:

1.Clean the components thoroughly, taking care not to damage the cracks.

Follow the instructions carefully for preparing your food-grade silicone.

Put a thin layer of silicone on the exposed edges, paying close attention to any fractures that may have formed.

4.Assemble the components.

5.Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for silicone drying time to avoid any issues.

Epoxies made of food-grade materials:

A neat and smooth edge is essential. Use a triangle file to score off the rough edges if desired. After the cut edges have been smoothed out, use fine-grit sandpaper to further refine them.

2.Clean up the downstem.

3.Use epoxy to join the parts together by smearing it over the edges.

To use, allow the components to dry completely before putting them together.

In addition, industrial-strength bonding chemicals are available for you to choose from. However, use them carefully as they contain toxic substances that can be dangerous to your health.

The third tip is to use a blowtorch.

The best and almost-100%-permanent way to fix your downstem is to use a blowtorch. Torching also gives you the option of attaching small broken pieces in the bong downstem. However, this is best left to professionals because of the extreme temperature and fire hazard. Should you wish to try this, make sure that you did all the necessary precautions against fire accidents.

1.Inspect the edges parts of the broken downstem. You need to file out the jagged edges for a clean join.

2.Prop a piece of the downstem on a clamp. Us a pair of sturdy tongs with an excellent grip to hold the other piece.

3.Torch the pieces by directing the blue flame to the edges. Keep going until the glass glows bright red.

4.Join the pieces together, torching along the way until you feel the pieces bonding. Add in a small broken piece the same way.

5.Let the pieces cool naturally.

Use a torch with caution. A torch can be used for removable bowl stems. There’s a risk that the high heat will crack your bong’s water chamber.

Study your chosen method well when fixing your own downstem. You can hire a professional for a cleaner fix, but that will cost you a hefty sum. Depending on the damage, you may be better off buying a new bowl downstem.

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