Sunday, September 26, 2021

How Often Should You Change the Water in Your Bong?

Many individuals let their bong water to simmer without considering the bacteria that are developing there.

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The care and maintenance of cannabis paraphernalia is mostly reliant on the individual. You could clean your bong every two weeks, or whenever the water begins to smell weird, if you're that sort of person. If you fall into the latter category, you're in for some unpleasant news.

While there is no need to be compulsive, it is critical to clean your pipe and bong. At the end of the day, they are the tools that control the components that enter your body, either enhancing or impairing your experience. When it comes to the water in your bong, some individuals believe that changing it once a day is sufficient, even though it sounds excessive.

Dirty bong water can cause lung infections, particularly if the bong is used often. This water may rapidly build a biofilm, which is populated by bacteria, yeast, and a variety of other microorganisms. Additionally, if the bong tips over and part of the water seeps into any garment, you will have a difficult time eliminating the odor. Avoid it.

For casual marijuana users — those who go weeks or months without using their bongs — it's critical to empty and clean your equipment after each use with boiling water. If you are not going to use it for an extended period of time, allow it to completely dry before storing it in a dry, warm location that will minimize the possibility of mildew growing.

When it comes to daily users of bongs, Westword suggests changing the water every 24 hours, unless you use more than a quarter-ounce of cannabis each day.

Additionally, it's critical to clean your bong at least every two weeks using alcohol and salt to avoid resin accumulation and remove any crud that won't dissolve with hot water and soap.

If you're not good at keeping track of your bong usage and the condition of your water, it's quite straightforward to determine when to give it a fast clean. Avoid water that is black, has resin, is moldy, or has an unpleasant odor. If any of the above occurs, you're almost certain to take a bad hit.

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