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Restoring the Fundamentals How To Properly Use A Bong

If you have any recollections of your first bong experience, the first thing that probably springs to mind is how frightening it was. If you are only familiar with glass pipes or are a first-time bong user, it might be intimidating when it appears as though there are so many moving pieces involved in getting a good bong rip. This is why we want to break things down for newcomers so that their first time will be a breeze!

Components of a bong

Although there are several kinds of water bongs, their construction is straightforward: bowl, base, chamber, and mouthpiece. There are extra features on a bong like as ice catchers, percolators, and more - but the bong's fundamental construction comprises of only a few components.

Bowl: here is where you will place your bud and what you will use to light it, as well as what you will use to remove it prior to inhaling the smoke.

The base of the bong is where the water is stored and where the bong will sit when not in use.

Chamber: this is where the smoke congregates and goes up to just before inhalation. When using a bong, the smoke is processed in two stages: first by filling the chamber with smoke, and then by rapidly inhaling and "clearing" the chamber.

Mouthpiece: the aperture at the end of the tube into which your mouth is inserted. This is the aperture through which you will inhale and exhale the smoke. When using the mouthpiece, keep your lips inside the hole, not on top of it. Purse your lips slightly and insert softly into the hole, forming an airtight seal to capture the smoke.

How to properly assemble a water bong

You may purchase any inexpensive glass bongs on the market and pour water into the bong's base via the chamber, just enough to fill the downstem (the part between bowl and base). The water level should always be greater than the downstem to create a bubbling sensation while inhaling - feel free to experiment with different water levels in your bong to see which hits work best for you. Take a short and deep blow through the mouthpiece to check the level of water - it should readily bubble without the water touching your lips.

By adding ice to your bong, you may achieve cold, smooth bong rips that are excellent for novices. Put a couple ice cubes through the mouthpiece's opening and down the chamber. Enhance your smoking experience by infusing your bong with frozen fruit for a delectable flavor infusion!

Prepare your stuff for smoking

Following that, you'll crush some herb and add it to your bowl. It is critical to grind your cannabis before loading it into a bong bowl to achieve a smooth hit. Although it is possible to smoke marijuana by placing nugs in a bowl, this method is extremely wasteful and results in an uneven burn, so taking the time to grind your marijuana is a step you do not want to neglect. If the bowl has been used previously, you'll also want to clean it well to eliminate any residue or residual ash before adding your freshly ground ganja.

Pro tip: remove any stems or seeds before grinding your Mary Jane; the finer the ground, the better! Visit to learn more about smoking accessories.

Fill the bowl

When packing the bowl, you'll want to load it lightly with your bud. If you pack it too densely and too tightly, the smoke will have a difficult time passing through the chamber. With practice, you'll learn what size bowl is appropriate for your tastes.

After packing the bowl, re-insert it into the hole where the downstem is located or the section where it links to the bong's base.

How to deal with a blow

When ready to take a hit from your freshly-packed bong, ensure that you have a firm grasp on it and that it is securely put on a level surface or nestled between your legs. Grab the chamber region of the bong that is most comfortable for you with your non-dominant hand and utilize it as a grip.

Using the procedure described above, insert your lips into the mouthpiece and ready to inhale, but do not inhale yet. Additionally, and this should go without saying, bong etiquette exists and you should adhere to it. This includes cleaning your mouth and avoiding slobbering all over the mouthpiece when smoking in a public place.

Tilt your lighter over the bowl, igniting one piece of the ground marijuana. There is no need to fire the entire bowl, and lighting in parts will allow you to smoke your contents more effectively. When the ganja is lit, you'll begin inhaling and should notice smoke building in the chamber.

When you've gotten the desired amount of smoke, remove the bowl using the same hand that lit the bong. When you remove the bowl, you will inhale the smoke that has been cooling in the chamber and is waiting to shoot up to your lips. If you are unable to inhale the smoke all at once, you may take as many hits as necessary by covering the mouthpiece with your palm when exhaling. Experienced bong users take each hit completely, although this has a learning curve and requires experience. Visit Smokersguide for some helpful hints on how to properly use smoking equipment such as bongs.

After inhaling, exhale gently and slowly after taking a bong hit. Particularly if you are new to smoking, bong rips have a tendency to knock you for a loop, so it is critical to maintain your composure. Coughing may be involved, and you may feel as like you are malfunctioning, but this is completely natural and will pass. Congratulations, you've now learnt how to properly tear a bong!

Each bong is unique, and there are several kinds of water bongs available. This is a brief overview of how to use a bong, and we hope it inspires you to get out there and toke confidently. Bear in mind to breathe and to savor the event!

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