Monday, September 27, 2021

The best method of inhalation: roll vs vape vs pipe vs bong

If you're new to cannabis, you've probably soon found that there are several ways to consume it. Edibles, as well as more medical approaches such as tinctures and capsules, are gaining popularity. You may even apply cannabis products directly to your skin — however this method is only useful if you have no intention of getting high.

However, the most traditional way of marijuana use continues to be the most popular: inhalation. Studies on the respiratory consequences of marijuana usage indicate that inhaling marijuana does not have nearly the same detrimental effect on the lungs as smoking tobacco; in fact, some data suggests that smoking cannabis may have beneficial effects on the lungs. Thus, novices may very well want to consume cannabis in the traditional manner.

There is only one issue: how should one inhale? There are four primary techniques for inhaling marijuana, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here's a brief overview of each to help you choose the best choice for you:


Rollies are a popular and simple way to smoke cannabis, whether you purchase pre-rolls or create your own joints and blunts. When you roll your own cannabis, you have nearly total control over the finished product's appearance — which strains are used, whether concentrates such as wax or kief are included, and how much herb is put within. Additionally, rolling papers are affordable and widely accessible, as well as lightweight and portable. Once you've smoked your rollie, cleanup is easy; you simply throw the roach.

Rollies, on the other hand, are not everyone's preferred technique of inhaling. While pre-rolls are inexpensive and readily accessible in any California cannabis shop, they lack the personalization offered by rolling your own. However, rolling a joint requires practice; there are several errors that a novice user might make, such as not crushing the nugs first or dusting cannabis onto papers. If you're not interested in learning appropriate rolling technique, you may choose another inhaling method.


Perhaps the most fascinating stoner gear is the pipe. Pipes provide sparkle and pizazz to your marijuana session by enabling your individuality to shine via your smoking tool of choice. While packing a bowl does need some expertise, it requires far less coordination and attention than DIY rollies. Additionally, because you are handling an instrument rather than the cannabis itself, you are far less likely to acquire kushy scent on your clothing and fingers.

Pipes, on the other hand, require some upkeep. You must clean your pipe after each use, otherwise the instrument will get completely covered in the sticky residue of your marijuana – the resin. It is possible to collect and smoke resin for a strong high, but even if you do, you must regularly scour the pipe to avoid occlusions or, worse, mold.


Technically, a bong is merely another type of pipe, referred to as a water pipe, that pulls cannabis smoke through water to remove tar and other combustible particles. According to bong evangelists, hits from water pipes are more pure and powerful than hits from rollies or pipes. It is true that bongs emit a negligible amount of odor, making them slightly more inconspicuous than the techniques discussed above. As with pipes, bongs come in a variety of designs, making it very simple to choose one that matches your aesthetic. Indeed, individuals who enjoy bongs frequently collect them and display them as works of art throughout their houses.

The benefits of bongs are offset by their significant disadvantages. Bongs are often big and cumbersome, making them nearly hard to conceal from family members or roommates when used on the fly. Additionally, bongs are typically delicate, made of glass, and costly. As with pipes, bongs must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid odor and inefficiency, although cleaning them is more difficult than cleaning a pipe. Finally, if you are a bong user, you must commit to a specific lifestyle.

Vapes While vaporizers appear to be a relatively recent technology, stoners have been using them to get high for decades. Unlike other techniques of inhalation, vapes do not immediately burn cannabis material; rather, they heat it (directly or indirectly) to produce vapor that contains cannabis chemicals. Vaporizers are classified into two categories: tabletop and portable. As you might assume, the former is larger and bulkier, meant to be placed on a table, whilst the latter is often smaller and more portable. Vapes come in a wide variety of configurations, with some capable of utilizing concentrates such as shatter and wax and others with straightforward, beginner-friendly e-liquid. There are so many alternatives for vapes that you may want to consult with budtenders to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each make and model.

As a newbie to marijuana culture, you have a lot to learn. However, if you go cautiously and experiment with several techniques of usage, you are certain to discover one that works wonderfully for you.

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