Monday, September 27, 2021

The proper method to use bongs for cannabis smoking

When you are new to cannabis smoking, everything might appear scary. With the variety of accessories and goods available, it's easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the perfect things for you. However, by conducting some preliminary study, you may approach your first smoking experience with confidence and be prepared to enjoy marijuana responsibly.

How to use bongs properly!

Construct the bong

To begin utilizing bongs, the first three steps are to prepare the bong. If the device is not properly prepared, the smoking experience will suffer. More information on bongs may be found here.

1.Begin by filling the bong halfway with water. The amount of water required varies according on the size of the bong being used. When pouring the water, ensure that it enters the mouthpiece directly.

2.After that, grind your marijuana. Using a grinder, scissors, or other sharp tool, grind it finely enough to cram it into the bottom of your bowl.

3.Finally, load the marijuana inside the bong's bowl. The bowl is the funnel on the downstem's outer section. Avoid packing too tightly, since this will make it more difficult to pull a hit.

The bong is lit

Once you've prepped your smoking device, you'll need to understand how to light bongs.

1.If this is your first time using a bong, set it on a table and sit near the device so that you are level with the item.

2.Hold the bong in one hand, either around the smoke chamber or from the bottom.

3.Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and prepare for smoke inhalation.

4.Put your mouth on the mouthpiece, lips inside. When using bongs, ensure that there are no holes, as this allows smoke to escape.

5.Using your hand, ignite the lighter. Light the marijuana in the bowl with the other hand that is not holding the bong.

Inhalation of smoke

Inhaling the smoke is the final stage in utilizing bongs.

1.Slowly inhale while lighting the bowl with the lighter. At this stage, the smoke should not be in your lungs but should be gently ascending the chamber.

2.When you are happy with the amount of smoke within the chamber, extinguish the flame. If this is your first time using a bong, fill the chamber around halfway.

3.Pull the bowl from its stem and take a deep inhalation of the smoke. If you are unable to inhale the entire amount of smoke at once due to your inexperience with bongs, cover the mouthpiece with the palm of your hand to prevent smoke from escaping.

4.Retain the smoke in your lungs for a few seconds to achieve a high.

5.Exhale the smoke into the room or out the window.

6.Reinsert the bowl into the stem to prepare the bong for the next user.


It might be frightening to use bongs, but it does not have to be. Conducting preliminary study on the right method to make a bong, operate the equipment, and inhale the smoke is all that is required to feel confident during your first smoke session with pals.

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