Sunday, September 26, 2021

Where Do Bongs and Bubblers Come From?


When looking for the proper cigarette, it's easy to get confused between joints, blunts, vaporizers, and handpipes. When it comes to bongs and bubblers — the two most popular smoking devices in the cannabis industry — customers are often perplexed.

Glass bong

An easy way to tell them apart is to look at the shape of the bong. While our online headshop has a lot of information to help you narrow down your choices, it's easy to become lost in the sea of options.

The water in bongs and bubblers is filtered by the use of borosilicate glass bowls. A water pipe, on the other hand, is what we often refer to as a bubbler.

Let's compare and contrast the two to see what the differences are.


The features and shape of bongs and bubblers appear to be identical.

Special glass is used in their construction to ensure that they can withstand the release of pressure from within.

Just a heads up: The bubbler bong is another option.


Bubblers are just about half the size of a bong. Those who smoke often but only want a brief hit may appreciate the convenient size of these cigarette lighters. Bongs, on the other hand, include a more complex internal structure.

The water chamber in a bong is connected to a lengthy tube that filters the herb smoke via the water chamber. Since they have a larger surface area, placing them on the ground, a table, or even on your lap is an option.

Buffers, on the other hand, are perfect for on-the-go activities. They're easier to transport and smaller than bongs, making them great for vehicle use.


There are numerous designs and styles of bongs and bubblers to choose from. Whether you want a plain piece of glass or something with more personality, you'll be able to discover something to suit your needs.

Large bongs have the capacity to handle elaborate filter systems, allowing for the strongest possible stacking and bubbling.

However, bubblers tend to be more aesthetically pleasant because of their bubbly appearance. In some cases, their mouthpiece bends in the middle like a Sherlock pipe, while in others, it shoots out in two directions at the same time. Also, bubblers in spoon and disc shapes are available for purchase.

The ability to diffuse smoke is one trait that distinguishes bongs and bubblers.

Sessions are more gratifying and delightful when used in bongs than than bubblers, which have a more moderate diffusion.

Exactly how do a bong and a vaporizer differ?

Smoking Hookahs (water pipes) is a common pastime in the Gulf and South-East Asian countries.

The sophisticated pipe architecture of both devices removes impurities from the raw plants before they are used.

Water pipes like the bong and bubbler have a softer, more soothing effect on your lungs because of the way they deliver the smoke.

Bongs and bubblers frequently have recyclers, which extend the cooling period and increase the amount of vapor produced by the bubbles.

To summarize, both bubblers and bongs are excellent smoking instruments for those who are new to the habit. And as your skills improve, you'll be able to upgrade to ceramic bongs for even more pleasure!

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