Thursday, October 21, 2021

Unknown Facts: The Advantages of Smoking with a Bong

Bongs have a long and illustrious history. They've been a staple of the smoking culture for hundreds of years. However, their overall popularity has risen significantly in recent years. Bongs now have a host of cutting-edge, inventive features that serve to alleviate some of the most vexing aspects of their use. As a result, they are more needed and adored than they have ever been.

Furthermore, many individuals believe that bongs are the finest way to consume herbs in the "traditional sense." Many users believe that the water filtering system built into each bong is an excellent way to remove toxins. Others choose bongs for their adaptability, efficiency, incomparable flavor, and historical significance. For many years, its undisputed position as the "mother of all smoking devices" was defined as "historical significance." What kinds of things can be compared? As an online headshop, we recognize that bongs are the original smoker's preferred method of consumption, and we have nothing but love and respect for them.

What Is It About Bongs That Makes Them So Spectacular?

The fact that a bong filters the water is the primary reason why most users prefer it to a standard glass pipe. Inhaling burned ash or tar is a risk when smoking cigars or classic glass pipes. Simply said, this has been an extremely unpleasant experience. Nobody has ever remarked to themself, "This is nice," after going through this experience.

Bongs, thankfully, do not have this problem. The ash became lodged in the water. As a result, the substance is immediately restricted, preventing it from moving forward - especially into your mouth.

Bongs are also popular because of their capacity to catch substances other than ash. Bongs are also known for collecting and filtering dangerous carcinogens and smoke-borne pollutants absorbed through a traditional pipe. The smoke is additionally cooled before it reaches the mouthpiece thanks to the water filtering. As a result, it is more easily absorbed and does not irritate our lungs or throats.

Smoking a bong is significantly more enjoyable, smoother, and cooler than smoking a dry glass pipe. If you desire smaller bits, bubblers combine the mobility of a hand pipe with the better filtration of a bong. A bong is preferable because to its ease of usage and decreased chance of clogging.

The Importance of Water Filtration!

Additionally, the water in bongs aids in the elimination of a significant amount of tar. This is why the water in bongs turns a dark brown color over time. It's critical to keep your bong clean to ensure optimal filtration and cooling. Even the greatest plants or concentrates lose their flavor and scent when smoked via a dirty bong. Others, on the other hand, think that breathing directly from the tar absorbs more of the therapeutic components found in common plants than smoking through a bong. They also predict that in the future, we'll have to smoke more from a bong to achieve the same effects, because the water in the bong absorbs a lot of the chemicals.

In recent years, bong technology has evolved dramatically. As a result, a plethora of new percolators, glycerin coils, and features have been developed in order to enhance and improve our smoking experiences. For example, smoking from a bong with a simple percolator produces very large bubbles with a little surface area. When smaller bubbles are formed, however, the surface area of a modern percolator is significantly increased. Your filtration will improve as a result, and your smoke will be cooler.

We recommend utilizing an ash collector with your bong for the smoothest hits. This increases water filtration and smoothness of smoking while also capturing any ash that may enter the bong. Finally, this ensures that your bong stays clean and functional while still delivering consistent, optimal performance.

Where Do I Look for the Most Unique Bongs?

They can be found on the internet. After you've selected what you want from your bong, you may look for bongs online and come across some truly interesting items. Another advantage of shopping online is the reduced prices, and many online companies, such as Eaglebongs, offer a wide selection of bongs at competitive prices.

Furthermore, you have access to a large choice of brands while shopping online. Certain brands definitely top the sector, notably in terms of price-performance ratio. The low prices at Eaglebongs are well-known. It provides a few distinctive, high-quality solutions that are pleasant to the minimalist eye, but its emphasis on aesthetics should not be misconstrued for a lack of quality. All of their goods are of the finest quality, and while Eaglebongs is a newcomer, their exquisitely detailed glasswork is swiftly eclipsing the work of several established businesses.


In essence, regardless of how many new methods or technologies are created, bongs will continue to reign supreme as a smoking instrument for a very long time. Its history, efficiency, craftsmanship, and taste retention (among numerous other characteristics) have enthralled generations of smokers and will do so in the future.

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