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Getting Back to Basics What Exactly Is A Bong, and How Do I Use It?

If you think about your first bong experience, the first thing that springs to mind is certainly how horrifying it was. Because there seem to be so many moving parts to obtaining a decent bong rip, it may be scary if you only know how to use glass pipes or are a first-time bong user. This is why we aim to simplify it for novices so you can guzzle it like a pro the first time!

Components of bong

Water bongs exist in a variety of forms and sizes, but the basic components are the same: a bowl, a base, a chamber, and a mouthpiece. Other bong characteristics include ice catchers, percolators, and other attachments, although the basic construction of a bong is made up of just a few elements.

This is where you'll store your marijuana, as well as what you'll fire and remove before inhaling the smoke.

The base of the bong holds the water and serves as a resting place for the bong when not in use.

This is the chamber where smoke accumulates and travels up until shortly before inhalation. When using a bong, the smoke is processed in two stages: first, the chamber is filled with smoke, followed by quick inhalation and "clearing" the chamber.

The mouthpiece is the opening in the tube where your mouth is placed. You will inhale the smoke here before taking it out of the chamber. Keep your lips inside the mouthpiece's aperture rather than over it while using it. Purse your lips slightly and put them into the opening, producing an airtight seal that will catch the smoke.

How to Construct a Water Bong

You may purchase any cheap glass bong and pour some water through the chamber into the bong's base, just enough to fill the downstem (the part between bowl and base). The water level in your bong should always be higher than the downstem for a bubble effect as you begin to inhale - feel free to experiment with different quantities of water in your bong to see which hits work best for you. To check the quantity of water, take a quick and deep breath via the mouthpiece; it should easily bubble without hitting your lips.

When you add ice in your bong, you get chilly, smooth bong rips that are ideal for beginners. Drop a couple of ice cubes down the chamber via the mouthpiece hole. Frozen fruit is a terrific flavor infusion for your bong that will spice up your smoking experience!

Prepare your smoking supplies.

Following that, you'll crush some herbs and include them into your meal. To produce a smooth hit, it is necessary to grind your cannabis before placing it in a bong bowl. Although it is possible to smoke nugs in a bowl, it is inefficient and does not burn evenly, therefore grinding your marijuana is an important step to do. If the bowl has already been used, make sure any residue or remaining ash has been removed before adding your freshly ground ganja.

Pro tip: Remove any stems or seeds from your Mary Jane before grinding it; the finer your material, the better! To discover more about smoking accessories, go to

Fill the basin halfway with the ingredients.

Before loading your bowl, softly load it with your bud. If the chamber is overcrowded and too tightly packed, it will be difficult to draw the smoke through. With practice, you'll be able to discover what size bowl is best for you.

Re-insert the bowl after stuffing it into the hole where the downstem or the area where it connects to the bong's base is placed.

What is the most effective manner to take a hit?

When you're ready to take a hit from your freshly-packed bong, make sure you have a firm grip on it and that it's on a level surface or snuggled between your knees. Using your non-dominant hand, grab the chamber area of the bong that is most comfortable for you and use it as a grip.

Place your lips in the mouthpiece and prepare to inhale following the way mentioned above, but don't start inhaling yet. It also goes without saying that bong etiquette exists and should be followed. If you're smoking in public, you should wipe your mouth and avoid slobbering all over the mouthpiece.

With your lighter, ignite one piece of ground MJ while tilting it over the bowl. There's no need to ignite the whole bowl, because burning little sections allows you to smoke your contents more efficiently. When you light the ganja, you'll begin to inhale and see smoke accumulating in the chamber.

After you've received enough smoke, remove the bowl with the same hand that lighted the bong. When you pull out the bowl, you'll inhale the smoke that has been cooling in the chamber, ready to reach your lips. If you can't inhale the smoke all at once, you may take as many hits as you need by covering the mouthpiece with your hand. Experienced bong users take each hit in its entirety, albeit there are phases to this and it takes practice. Smokersguide provides some excellent tips on how to utilize smoking equipment such as bongs.

After taking a bong hit, be sure to exhale slowly and softly. Bong rips might come at you unexpectedly, particularly if you're new to smoking, so keep your calm. It's conceivable that you'll cough and feel as if you're malfunctioning, but this is normal and will pass. You've just perfected the art of bong ripping!

Each bong is one-of-a-kind, and there are various types of water bongs available. This is a basic bong instruction, and we hope it motivates you to get out there and toke boldly. Remember to take deep breaths and relax!
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