Sunday, November 7, 2021


Isn't it true that the filth on the windows just keeps building up this time of year?

Spending more time inside allows you to get more use out of each item, but it also necessitates more cleaning. Even after a full cycle, it may be impossible to keep every dab rig, bong, or bubbler component completely clean. If you're asking, what precautions may be performed to protect my hygiene during these times? DHC has a few clever tricks up its sleeve to show you some of the various measures that may be made to make smoking cleaner and safer in these scenarios.

Keep your windows clean on a regular basis.

This is one of the most basic, yet vital, things to keep in mind during this time. Keep anything you're using clean, whether it's a dry pipe, a water pipe, a silicone component, or a bespoke item. To keep it clean, Isopropyl Alcohol and table salt are a simple and efficient solution. Other glass cleaning methods are available, such as ResRemover, which is perfect for removing deep grime and debris from glassware. Here's a link to our blog article on restoring glass to its original condition.

On a regular basis, replace the water.

Whatever kind of device is used, if it requires water, it should be replenished on a regular basis. Glass health guarantees the greatest quality of delivery, not just in terms of how it feels, but also in how it impacts the body. Keeping it clean may help to prolong the life of the glass and enable it to last longer.

Utilize an ash catcher.

This time of year, an ash collector doubles as an extra glass filtration device. The purpose of these add-ons is self-explanatory: they collect any extra ash that falls through when pulling, resulting in a cleaner and smoother rip. This results in the cleanest, most filtered hit possible, as well as the best performance for any normal component. Consider the following:

The wick should be made of hemp.

Using hemp wick is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to maintain better smoking habits. By using hemp wick, you avoid the toxins and chemicals associated with lighting a bowl and instead choose for a more natural solution. Hempwick also burns at a lower temperature than standard lighters, resulting in smoother, more delicious smoke. Wrapping the wick around a lighter or other object as a storage option assures that it is never forgotten! Take a look at the little box, which includes not just hemp wick but also pipe cleaners for those hard-to-reach streams!

Clean the area after each use.

This is a rather general guideline that is mostly applicable to dabbers. Because the nail tends to build resin faster, it's critical to have cleaning equipment on hand and near to the setup. Fortunately, the industry has already found a solution; Glob Mops are a simple cotton swab cleaning device that is perfect for single use as well as cleaning after each use. This is a simple method for keeping glass clean, resulting in dependably clean and high-quality delivery.

Use a roach clip or a joint holder to secure the joint.

To keep germs away of the immediate region of the cone that is put against the mouth, use a joint clip. When the cone is lighted, it remains in place, making it safer to smoke with a buddy while still meeting safety standards. DHC comes with a unique branded gold roach clip that's great for avoiding oversharing, and the chain is supposed to protect it from becoming misplaced by wearing it around your neck so it's always ready to use!

Smoke with a pal.

This is especially important for those who are confined to their homes and may reside in an area where smoking is prohibited. If you share a house with roommates, family members, or live in a shared building, its odor-resistant and resin-blocking technology may be excellent. The Smoke Buddy, which traps leftover smoke inside, ensures that even the most powerful rips leave no trace or odor.

Keep proper bowl hygiene.

Finally, maintain your bowl clean; just because it's the smallest component doesn't imply it shouldn't be thoroughly cleaned. It is, in fact, one of the most often utilized areas of glass, therefore keeping it in good operating condition is vital. Cleaning on a regular basis, correctly ashing the item after each use, and preventing resin accumulation on the inside may all assist. Use a specific dish for it to ensure it's completely removed every time; check out the nifty debowler for just $6.99 on our online shop.

Filters should be used.

When sharing, employ a filter as much as possible to avoid directly sharing bits with others; filters may also be beneficial for personal usage to ensure the cleanest methods. DHC now carries the MouthPeace package, which has three carbon filters. A filter like this will not only protect your lips and tongue, but it will also smooth out your hit.


There are a variety of dab rigs, bongs, bubblers, and pipe tool accessories to pick from when it comes to smoking and safety, but the most essential thing is to listen to your body. Smoke in moderation and take extra precautions for your health.

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