Monday, November 1, 2021

How Often Should You Change Your Bong Water?

Many people leave their bong water to stew, completely unaware to the viruses that are growing in it.

Individuals are primarily responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of cannabis paraphernalia. If you're that type of person, you can clean your bong every two weeks or whenever the water starts to smell unpleasant. You're in for some bad news if you're in the latter category.

It's important to clean your pipe and bong, but it's not necessary to be obsessive about it. Finally, these are the tools that deal with the substances that enter your body and either enhance or degrade your experience. When it comes to your bong's water, some people recommend changing it out once a day, even if it seems excessive.

Infected bong water has the potential to induce lung infections, especially if the bong is used frequently. Biofilm, which is made up of bacteria, yeast, and other microbes, can form quickly in this water. Then there's the issue of the stink, which would be extremely difficult to remove if the bong tips over and some of the water gets into any clothes. It isn't a good plan.

It's crucial for casual marijuana users — those who don't use their bongs for days or weeks — to empty them and clean them with hot water after each usage. Allow it to completely dry before keeping it in a warm, dry spot if you aren't planning to use it for a time.

If you use your bong every day, Westword recommends refilling the water every 24 hours unless you're burning more than a quarter-ounce each day.

To eliminate resin accumulation and remove any crud that won't dissolve with hot water and soap, clean your bong at least once every two weeks using alcohol and salt.

If you're bad at keeping track of your bong usage and the quality of your water, it's easy to recognize when you need give it a quick rinse. Water that is dark, has resin, is moldy, or has a terrible odor should be avoided. If any of the above occurs, you're in for a major setback.

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