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Oil rigs: the dabbing industry's key unit

With the risks of smoking being widely understood, an increasing number of consumers are seeking healthier alternatives to concentrates and herbal mixes. While the usage of vaporizers has expanded significantly in recent years, another approach is gaining popularity — we're talking about dabbing. Indeed, the two variations are pretty similar, but dabbing with a rig is a bit more involved. Anyone who has dabbed and enjoyed it naturally desires to possess their own oil tiny dab rigs, but most newcomers are intimidated by the vast options.

Terms such as "nails," "domes," and "carb caps" and a variety of other component names first seem weird, and the frustrated consumer is unsure where to begin. This is not an issue, since it can be prevented with some planning. Anyone who understands how an oil pipe works and the functions of the numerous separate components is already a good step ahead and can make a better informed selection. Naturally, the selection is very extensive and includes anything from simple, affordable dab rigs to special custom-made rigs with a variety of accessories.

As such, the following guide should act as a guide and adequately enlighten all alternatives. With the proper knowledge, selecting an appropriate oil bong becomes much easier.

What Is an Oil Drilling Rig?

Anyone who has never dabbed before and is presented with an oil pipe for the first time is frequently perplexed. In contrast to a traditional bond, a dab rig is not designed to burn anything. Rather of that, it has a "nail" that is heated with a torch (butane burner) and onto which the required concentration is sprayed (dabbed). Steam is created for inhalation as soon as the nail reaches the necessary temperature. The advantage of dabbing is that extracts are burned at a low temperature, which produces no contaminants in the same way as smoking does. Thus, a dab rig is far more appropriate than a typical pipe, particularly when used for medical purposes. This incredible efficacy is only one of the reasons why dabbing is gaining popularity, since oil rigs provide a few additional perks.

An oil rig's fundamental equipment

There are several components to oil pipes, but only three are absolutely necessary: a glass vessel, a nail, and a torch. While the first two are sold in sets, the butane burner is often sold separately, while entire kits are occasionally available. Apart from that, many users like to apply concentrates with a "dabber."

Some people choose to collect dab rigs with a variety of components and mix them. This makes it simple to determine which configuration is optimal for particular function. Of course, personal preference ultimately prevails, but beginners are advised to begin with a modest set.

The many varieties of nails

Although it appears coincidental at first glance, the discussion about which nail is the best continues. This is primarily because the nail is ultimately responsible for heating the concentrate to its optimal temperature. Therefore, it is a significant benefit for any oil rig to have a nail that warms rapidly and maintains the heat for an extended length of time. The following is a brief description of the many types of nails and their properties:

Glass: While borosilicate glass is fairly sturdy and ideal for bongs and pipes, it is not ideal for dab rigs. They are inexpensive, but unfortunately, they break easily and must be replaced frequently. Additionally, they are nearly incompatible with dabbing some concentrates.

Ceramic is exactly as fragile as glass, but can maintain a higher temperature for a longer period of time.

Quartz is far more stable than glass or ceramic, making it ideal for oil bongs. Although it is nearly difficult to overheat, it cannot sustain an appropriate temperature for an extended period of time.

Titan: The majority of seasoned dabbers use Titan Nails on their oil rigs. It is virtually unbreakable and can retain heat for an extended period of time. The sole disadvantage is the possibility of overheating, which might result in the concentrate being burned. A water diffuser on the dab rig might aid in this process.

E-nails: Due to their expensive purchasing price, they have received little attention thus far, yet they are quite potent. They are powered by electricity and hence do not require a flame. Additionally, the appropriate temperature may be readily changed to prevent overheating.

Additional instruments

If you get a whole set, you will not be concerned about accessories at first. However, assembling separate components may be a lot of fun and result in a very unique dab rig. Not fewer users invest in a range of dabbing equipment and have amassed substantial oil pipe collections.

Metal or glass dabbers and tiny bongs are the most common accessories. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but all serve the same purpose: they make it easier to portion and apply concentrates. When making your pick, however, you must confirm that the dabber and oil rig are suitable. Otherwise, a torch is necessary, but many people make the error of purchasing a Bunsen burner that is far larger and more powerful than necessary. This is not only ineffective, but also potentially harmful. Small torches, like as the ones we sell in our shop, are perfectly adequate for the majority of dab setups.

The benefits and drawbacks of an oil rig

Anyone who dabbles from a respectable oil rig is typically thrilled and eager to repeat the experience. Of course, you'll eventually require your own oil bong. In theory, you may make your own dab rigs, but the time and effort required are considerable, and the results leave much to be desired. Those who are serious about dabbing must invest in a high-quality oil pipe. Nevertheless, the purchase is valuable for a variety of reasons:

Everything you need to enjoy first-rate dabs is included.

In comparison to home-built gadgets, a high-quality oil rig provides the required safety.

As with all water pipes, there are genuine pieces of art among the oil bongs that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Individual designs are possible because to the broad range of components.

There are actually no negatives, unless you purchase a substandard dab rig or nail. In this situation, a significant amount of concentrate would be squandered due to the inability to attain an ideal temperature. Any seasoned dabber understands how aggravating it can be when the extract does not heat up sufficiently and does not generate enough vapour, but this is not an issue with a well configured oil rig.

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