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The top ten greatest bongs made of glass and acrylic

Trying to find the finest bong brand? We're here to assist you! Here is our top ten list of the greatest glass bongs and acrylic bongs, which includes options for people of different preferences and budgets!

Cannabis enthusiasts are well aware that a nice bong can make all the difference. In spite of having the greatest marijuana in the world, using a low-quality bong that makes you cough may truly ruin the atmosphere. Having said that, it is very unusual for beginner cannabis users to begin with inexpensive bongs or bongs that are completely inappropriate for their needs. But don't worry, we're here to assist you in getting the most for your money!


It's usually a good idea to review the various advantages of using bongs before getting your hands on some marijuana. What is possibly the most significant advantage of a bong, particularly when compared to a joint, is that it cools your smoke, making it more pleasant to smoke. At the same time, you have the option of taking significantly larger puffs. Apart from that, all you have to do is load the cartridge into the nozzle; no more fumbling about with rolling sheets! Finally, but certainly not least, many bongs are aesthetically pleasing and may be used as stunning centrepieces on a living room table, guaranteed to amaze your guests.


Bongs are available in a variety of designs and sizes. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from little to enormous, and they allow you to draw out giant puffs. They can also be equipped with all of the glitzy extras you might (or might not) require, like as percolators and ice cube trays, which allow you to chill your smoke even further. Bongs are available in a range of materials, although the majority of them are constructed of glass or acrylic.

Which style is suitable for you will be determined by your tastes, as well as your financial situation.

Acrylic bongs are typically significantly less expensive than glass bongs. They are frequently more sturdy and may even withstand a few of drops from your table if you are careful. Acrylic bongs are available in a range of interesting designs and colours, and they are often easier to clean. On the other hand, they might occasionally create the impression that they are not of high quality. The most significant disadvantage of acrylic bongs is that they might produce a harsher throat smoke than a glass bong.

Even a basic but high-quality glass bong that does not include anything too ostentatious will offer the appearance of elegance and sophistication, and will be sure to wow your visitors. Glass bongs, in addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, will produce a smoother smoke than acrylic bongs. The most significant drawbacks of a glass bong are the increased cost and slightly shorter lifespan of the bong. With glass bongs made of exceptionally robust borosilicate, however, this latter issue may be avoided entirely.



The Canon Bong is a far cry from your typical bong in terms of design. Its look is striking, and not only because of the variety of eye-catching hues that are available to choose from. This acrylic bong has a second cooling chamber on the top, which allows for an exceptionally smooth smoking experience. Additionally, the upper cooling chamber is interconnected via pipes to the bottom cooling compartment, giving the bong an extremely distinctive, and quite seductive, aesthetic aspect. To clean it, you only need to detach the two pieces and wash them separately. The socket and shank of the barrel bong are constructed of a robust aluminium alloy. The length of this bang is 52 centimetres.


Of course, there's no better moment to break a bone than when the sirens go off and everyone hurries into the bunkers in anticipation of an approaching extraterrestrial onslaught. Putting on your gas mask, turning on the bong, and inserting it into the mask aperture are all excellent options at this point. The advantage isn't simply that it may deter intruders from afar; the mask also provides an airtight barrier around your face, allowing you to take ultra-strong puffs without wasting any smoke. If you don't want your eyes to get red, remember to close your eyes first. Use the Gas Mask Bong with or without water; the choice is yours.


With the exception of its enormous size, the Clear Large Acrylic Bong is devoid of any particularly noteworthy features. And that, in and of itself, may be sufficient to produce gigantic puffs. It reaches an amazing 52cm tall and is firmly planted on a rubber base for stability. It's designed in the classic bong style, with a transparent straight tube that can hold up to four ice cubes and a metal rod and socket. This acrylic bong is a great, low-cost alternative to a huge glass bong in many situations.


The Double Ball Acrylic Bong is not only not extremely tall, but it is also rather compact, being only 26cm in length. However, don't be fooled by its immensity. What distinguishes this bong from others is the presence of two spheres, the bottom of which contains water and the top of which contains swirling smoke for better cooling effect. This bong features an extra-long drop shank that is constructed of aluminium alloy, much like the little socket on the other end of the bong.

For those who like to take really huge puffs, simply remove the rubber plug from the air hole to increase the amount of air intake!


The majority of people are unaware that Einstein was a great enthusiast of marijuana. In fact, it's an exact reproduction of the bang that Einstein used to assist him in discovering the theory of relativity, a bang that he himself built in order to take super-smooth puffs, allowing him to ponder without being interrupted by coughing fits... Okay, we did invent everything, with the exception of super-sweet puffs, which is completely factual! In contrast, it is claimed that Einstein might have quite invented this bong, merely because of the brilliant technique in which the height can be adjusted from little (26cm) to big (38cm) without removing the bowl (40cm). Apart from that, he also appears to be really cool!


Who knows, you could be interested in the Kneeling Woman Ceramic cheap bong if you enjoy sexy art or if you enjoy seeing clever practicality integrated into an amusing item like a happy accessory. Simply ignite the metal socket and then position your mouth in a location where you would not usually (probably) put it. In addition to being a superb birthday present for your in-laws, this bong will undoubtedly become a popular talking point in your living room!


To persuade you of the potential of the Straight Acrylic Bong in the traditional straight design, it is not necessary to include any gimmicky features. In addition to being a quick, easy, and pure bong, it comes in a variety of attractive colours and comes with everything you need to draw out good old-fashioned sockets. This bong is the perfect size at 26cm, and it includes a metal stem and socket for durability. It is possible to pull even larger puffs by removing the rubber plug from the air entrance.

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