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What Exactly Is A Dab Rig, And How Do I Use One?

Due to its strong effects and delectable rips, dabbing has never been more popular. Dab rigs combine the efficacy of dabs with the cooling effect of bongs to deliver dense, delectable clouds to users.

However, how do you begin?

Do not be alarmed. We'll demonstrate how to use a tiny dab rig and provide some helpful hints along the way. Additionally, we'll demonstrate everything you'll need to get started dabbing and guide you in the proper path if you want replacements or additional supplies.

Let us begin the celebration.

Collect all of your dabbing supplies.

Before you can learn how to run a dab rig, you'll need the proper dabbing equipment for the job. The following are the necessary instruments:

Dabbing rig

The dab rig, which resembles a bong, is a water pipe intended only for the purpose of ingesting dabs. The majority of dab rigs are made of glass and comprised of replaceable components. These allow you to customize your dabbing sessions and replace worn-out components.


The heating components, referred to as "bangers" at times, are nails. They absorb the vaporizing chemical and provide the necessary heat to evaporate it. They are typically included as part of a comprehensive dab rig kit and are made of heat-resistant materials such as quartz or ceramic.

Electronic nails, such as the almost indestructible Domeless Titanium Electronic Nail, are self-heating. These nails allow you to digitally control the temperature and use your dab rig anyway you choose without having to use an open flame.

Dabbing with a torch

If you do not have an electric nail, you will need a dabbing torch. Unlike standard lighters, dabbing torches can generate the strong and steady heat required to vaporize sticky concentrates.


The dabber is a simple, heat-resistant device used for concentrate manipulation. Dabbers enable you to properly load and unload your items without risking a burn to your hands.

The most appropriate instrument for the work will depend on the material and your own preferences. There are several dab tools available, each of which is designed to function with a particular type of concentrate and is made of indestructible titanium or colorful glass. To choose which dab tool is best for you, see our site dedicated to the best dab tools.

Restriction of carbohydrates

Are you willing to throw away any of your concentrate? While a dab rig may be used without a carb cap, it is more successful in collecting all material and producing dense, rich clouds.

Waxes and concentrates for dabbing

A dab is a highly concentrated dose that is often rather little. Prepare to use your dab rig by using your tools to cut out and separate a dab from the rest of your components.

Instructions on how to use your dab rig step by step

You now know what tools you'll require to begin dabbing. How to put them to use:

1. Insert the nail.

To begin, secure the nail to the dab rig. Connecting it to the joint is often as straightforward as connecting a bong to it.

Additionally, keep in mind that this is the only time you will be permitted to attach the nail without first determining its temperature. When you initially begin dabbing, bear in mind that you will be regulating the temperature of your banger at extremely high levels.

2. Warm up the nail

Once your nail is properly situated on your dab rig, you'll need your heating element, which works similarly to a dabbing torch.

Directly apply the torch's flame to the nail, concentrating on evenly heating it for around 30 seconds. When heated, quartz nails often shine an orange or red tint. You may even get manicures that change color to give you a greater sense of the nail's warmth.

3. Give the nail time to cool.

You normally do not want to take a dab immediately after heating the nail. Rather than that, wait a few seconds under a minute for a quartz nail, or approximately 10 seconds for a titanium nail.

Lower temperatures result in more flavorful and smooth rips, which are perfect for beginners. If you want denser clouds, you may experiment with vaping at greater temperatures as you get expertise.

4. Use a dab

After the nail has cooled slightly, use your dabber to place a little amount of your substance into the nail. To ensure that you've removed everything, twist the dabber tip onto the nail. Following that, place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale carefully.

Ideally, the dab should be small enough that you can vaporize and inhale the entire amount. As the vapor travels from the nail to your lips, it should fill the dab rig. Then gently and thoroughly exhale, taking care not to retain any vapor in your lungs.

You can continue adding substances to the dab until the desired feeling is achieved.

5. Ensure that your dabbing equipment is clean.

If you clean and maintain your gear properly, you'll have smooth and delicious rips as well as the ability to use it for an extended period of time.

After dabbing, use a cotton swab to remove any residue and refresh the water after each use. After five to ten uses, you'll want to do a complete cleaning.

To clean, pour some rubbing alcohol into the dab rig, seal the holes, and shake hard for a few seconds, then soak for about an hour. In the meantime, you can clean your dabber, nails, and anything else that need cleaning.

If you do not wish to wait and wish to shake and clean the item immediately, use specialized glass cleaning solutions.

Final Thoughts

Dabbing is simple if you know how to do it. We're convinced that after you've mastered the proper technique for using a dab rig, you'll fall in love with it.

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