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What exactly is a gravity bong and how does it operate?

Gravity bongs, sometimes referred to as geebs, use two empty plastic bottles to funnel smoke through water and into the consumer's lungs. Gravity bongs are just bottles filled with water and topped with a bowl of cannabis. As the cannabis burns, gently draw out the water to fill the container with smoke. Place your lips over the bottle's opening and push the bottle downward, allowing the smoke to be drawn into your lungs by gravity. It's completed!

Is gravity bongs a method of obtaining a high?

In a nutshell, yes. A gravity bong's high concentration of smoke fills your lungs significantly more than a pipe or joint would. When you inhale the contents of the smokey container, you are effectively inhaling the smoke from a full bowl of cannabis in one breath. Therefore, gravity bongs are not for the faint of heart. A more traditional way of intake, it offers a potent dose of THC to even seasoned cannabis users who are unaccustomed to it.

If you're looking for a touch of nostalgia with your cannabis usage, here's a simple tutorial on making your own gravity bong from common home items. (Disclaimer: Combustible materials inhaled from a plastic smoking device may be detrimental to your health. Proceed with caution.)

Is it possible to make or purchase gravity bongs?

If you're a first-time cannabis user or have a low tolerance, it's probably not a good idea to start with a gravity bong. Nonetheless, gravity bongs are a fantastic do-it-yourself arrangement for intermediate to experienced users due to their speedier delivery than other ways. Are you not a crafter? If you're looking for a unique and powerful smoking experience, consider adding one of these gravity bongs to your collection.

Is it safe to drink water from a bottle?

When heated, the plastic bottles used to make DIY bongs and smoking devices include PETE or PET (polyethylene terephthalate) (like the water left in a hot car after being left in a hot bottle). When you apply heat to your gravity bong, the toxins may be drawn into your lungs.

Researchers are currently investigating the potential effects of exposure to this form of radioactivity on the human body. As a precaution, marijuana users often eschew plastic smoking equipment in favor of glass or silicone. Consider the dangers and proceed cautiously if you want to construct gravity bongs from plastic materials.

How to create a gravity bong at home

Collect the following objects first:

A bottle made of plastic (16-20 ounces is ideal)

A bucket or a plastic container with a capacity of two liters

Aluminized aluminum foil

Box cutters or well-knifed knives

This instrument pierces the skin.

One gram of your preferred cannabis strain (at least)

If you're not sure where to start, gravity bongs may seem scary, but the technique is really fairly simple. With a little innovation, creativity, and dedication, you can create your own gravity bong in less than 10 minutes using items you probably already have in your house.

Cut the smaller bottle in half.

Utilize your box cutter to remove the bottom of your smaller bottle. As a result, avoid trimming too much of the bottle bottom in order to obtain a stronger dose.

Cut the bigger bottle in half.

Cut the bottom off your 2 liter bottle and fill it with water. If you are using a bucket, ensure that it is completely filled with water.

Step 3: Punctuate the bottle top

You may use your box cutter or scissors to cut a hole in the cap of your smaller bottle. The opening should be big enough to pull air through, but not so huge that the foil (or cannabis) falls into the water.

Shape the foil bowl in Step 4.

Wrap aluminum foil around the top to create a bowl divot for your cannabis. You may mold the bowl to be as deep as you want by using foil to protect your cannabis from dropping into the water below. To keep cannabis from leaking, the foil may need to be trimmed off and molded. If you're searching for a health hack, consider this metal bowl component developed exclusively for gravity bongs.

Step 5: Punctuate the foil

To create holes in aluminum foil, a sharp poking instrument is required. Prevent tearing of the foil! Three to five holes are required for adequate ventilation.

Sixth step: Insert cannabis into the bottle top

Screw the foil-wrapped cap on last. Fill the foil-wrapped bottle top halfway with your favourite strain of cannabis.

Submerge a small water bottle in Step 7.

This is the tough part. Submerge the smaller bottle (or bucket) in the bigger bottle's bottom until just the top remains above water. Wrap the bottle's foil-wrapped cap snugly around it and screw it on.

Step 8: Combust your marijuana

Light the cannabis and carefully move the smaller bottle away from the water while the larger container fills with smoke. Ascertain that the cap is securely fastened and that there are no holes or gaps in the bottle's side if the bottle is not filled with smoke. Due to the possibility of your gravity bong leaking, some trial and error will be required before you succeed in making it function.

Step 9: Remove the cap.

After your bottle has been filled with smoke, the following step is to place your mouth over the bottle opening.

Step ten: Submerge the bottle in the water.

Gently push the bottle back into the water. As the water runs into the container, smoke will flood your lungs.

Cannabis smoke that has been filtered by water will be colder and have a higher THC content. Preparation and avoiding excessive smoke inhalation are critical for the optimum benefits. Cannabis users of all levels should exercise care while using this product, since it will cause them to cough!

Is it necessary to change the foil in your gravity bong on a regular basis?

You may reuse the foil with a gravity bong. You will not need to replace it until the foil tears or the holes get blocked, at which case you should replace it.
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