Monday, November 29, 2021

What Is a Gravity Bong, and How Do You Use It?

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Assume that you're breathing the whole contents of a Coke bottle that's already been filled with marijuana smoke. Known as a gravity bong, it has all the advantages of an enormous bong rip at a fraction of the effort, while yet delivering the same high. This task may be simplified with the aid of everyday household items.

There came a moment in time when individuals began looking for inventive methods to enhance their high beyond the capabilities of bongs and pipes. One of the reasons gravity bong is so awesome is that it's so easy to create using items you probably have laying around your home. All of those plastic bottles taking up room in your garbage may be recycled. Using a gravity bong may get you high, and it doesn't take as long as a rolling joint to get there.

Smoke that is significantly more powerful than typical is driven into the lungs, well in excess of what would normally fill them to capacity. When you start breathing in from a bottle, you're essentially filling your lungs with the smoke of a whole bowl of marijuana. Using only a few home items, you may create your own gravity bong if you'd want to turn your smoke session into a short DIY project and with your cannabis, if you're feeling like getting inventive.


When it comes to smoking, gravity bongs are a great method to keep your smoke fresh and energising. To build one, all you need is a screwdriver, some glue, and a few minutes of your time. There are two ways to make a bong: a bucket bong and a waterfall bong.


Despite the name, bucket bongs don't rely much on gravity for their operation. To make a 2-liter soda bottle, you'll need a 2-liter plastic bottle for the top half. It doesn't matter whether the top is smaller than the bottom, as long as you use precise dimensions.

A tube with a tiny hole at the top and a large hole at the bottom is all that separates the smaller bottle from the larger one. The method of creating a vacuum provides the basis for employing it. Smoke from your cannabis and the flame from your lighter are sucked into the bottle when a top bottle is hoisted (the top orifice is as long as blocked). It is high enough to fill it with smoke, but not high enough to drag it out of the water. Clearing a bucket bong with a water pipe bong is much more convenient. Because when you drop the top bottle back into the water, the pressure and the smoke-filled bottle it drives all of the smoke out, and then as rapidly as possible it puts that smoke into your lungs. Detailed instructions are provided below.

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