Monday, November 22, 2021

What Is The Gravity Bong

By removing a Coke bottle already full with marijuana smoke and imagining yourself breathing the whole contents into your lungs. It is referred to as a gravity bong, and it is renowned for supplying smokers with all those amenities, with less bud and less work, and with the same thrill as a massive bong rip. You may simplify the process by using things that you encounter on a daily basis in your house.

At some point, users began to look for novel methods to elevate their high beyond what a bong or standard pipe could provide. You can simply create it yourself using common household items, which is what makes gravity bongs so wicked. All of those plastic bottles taking up space in your garbage can now be recycled. A gravity bong may get you very high, and you'll be relieved to learn that it doesn't take nearly as long as a rolling joint.

If you're curious about the science behind it, a large amount of smoke is blasted into the lungs, considerably above the usual hit's capacity. By inhaling from a bottle, you may fill your lungs with the smoke of a whole bowl of cannabis. Gravity bongs offer highly strong THC hits; they are not for the faint of heart. If you want to turn your smoke session into a fast DIY project and you're feeling creative with a few household items, our following tutorial teaches you how to create a gravity bong.


Gravity bongs are quite advantageous; they keep your smoke fresh and invigorating as it enters your lungs. If you want to build one, you probably already have everything you need at home, which takes around 3-5 minutes. They may be created in one of two styles: a waterfall bong or a bucket bong.


Despite the name, gravity plays a little part in the bucket bong's operation. They are often comprised of the top half of a smaller plastic bottle and the bottom half of a 2-litre soda bottle. By maintaining exact proportions, you may do this technique on any size with a smaller top than a larger bottom.

The smaller bottle is completely empty, while the larger bottle is full of water; in truth, it is nothing more than a tube with a little hole at the top and a large hole at the bottom. The method of creating a vacuum provides the foundation for its use. When a top bottle is hoisted out of the bucket of water (top orifice is as long as blocked), the smoke from your herb and the flame from your lighter are sucked into the bottle as you draw it up. It is sufficient for filling it with smoke, but not for pulling it out of the water. Then your ordinary water pipe bong is much more comfy than cleaning a bucket bong. The reason for this is because when you drop the top bottle back into the water, the pressure generated by the smoke-filled bottle drives all of the smoke out and then sends it to your lungs as rapidly as possible. Here's how to do it.

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