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How to Pick the Right Bong from a Variety of Materials

Smoking from a bong is the ultimate high for many of us. Using a bong, you'll be able to inhale clean, flavorful, and potent hits.

All bongs are not created equal as you've surely seen. Acrylic, silicone, ceramic, and glass are the four most common materials used to make bongs, however others exist. All materials are distinctive in their own right. We'll go through the benefits and drawbacks of each one, as well as where they excel and where they don't.

In this post, you'll learn how to choose the best bong for your needs.

What are we waiting for?

a. Acrylic brooms

Bongs made of acrylic tend to be the most cheap options available. These bongs come in an array of vibrant colours and styles. They're also quite light, so they're less prone to shatter if dropped.

When smoking over a lengthy period of time, acrylic might react with the smoke. This may make the smoke smell terrible and be more taxing on the lungs.

An acrylic bong is an excellent option if you're on a tight budget and need something to smoke with while you're on the go, or just want a cheap backup.

Bongs made of ceramic

High-quality ceramic bongs, as opposed to acrylic ones, have no effect on the smoke. Instead, they provide a smoke that is as clear as glass, letting you to fully appreciate the taste of your cigarette.

Ceramic bongs tend to include more intricate or creative patterns since ceramic is more flexible and simpler to mould than glass. Even though they're more prone to break, ceramics are more resistant to breakage than glass.

Additionally, ceramic bongs are both more innovative and more reasonably priced than glass bongs. It may be difficult to clean the chamber thoroughly because of the lack of sight.

Choose a ceramic bong when: You want a bong that can also serve as a decorative item, or you want to save money on glass bongs.

Bongs made of silicone

There is a newcomer in the bong world, the silicone bong, and it's quickly becoming a favourite.

For a smoother experience, silicone is a good choice because of its non-interaction with smoke and ease of cleaning (dishwasher safe). Full-silicone bongs, on the other hand, are practically unbreakable and quite reasonably priced.

You may also discover silicone/glass hybrids with glass elements, such as a water chamber or mouthpiece made of glass, which are available. Many of the advantages of glass may be obtained in a more durable and portable form thanks to these hybrids. But bear in mind that only bongs manufactured of "food-grade silicone" are acceptable. Most inexpensive bongs do not use food-grade materials and may release dangerous elements into your smoke if you use them properly.

you want a portable, inexpensive, and resilient bong or a lovely and original piece of design a silicone bong is the best option for you.

Bongs made of glass

When it comes to the smoking experience, the greatest bong material is glass, particularly borosilicate glass. Glass bongs produce the cleanest smoke since they don't interact with smoke at all.

Percolators, ice catchers, diffusers, and other filtering mechanisms are often used in glass bongs to separate and chill the smoke. While they may not be as excellent at filtering smoke as more expensive acrylic bongs, smaller and less expensive glass bongs may nevertheless provide a better smoking experience. Glass bongs manufactured by exceptional glassblowers and artists may also be found.

Clumsy hands should steer clear of glass pipes, since they are very delicate and may easily shatter, resulting in a ruined smoking session. The greatest glass bongs are generally the most costly, so they're unlikely to be budget-friendly.

If you're searching for the cleanest smoking experience or a long-lasting piece, a glass bong is the best option.

The quickest and easiest way to get to the point

Each bong material has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is our hope that the characteristics of each one have been made clear to you. As a general guideline, consider this:

In terms of cost and quality, glass is the most expensive option.

More affordable than glass, but with better flavour and aesthetic options.

Acrylic: Cheap, but not very good smoke.

Silicone is a low-cost, easy-to-clean material that also burns well.

Is there anything else you'd want to know? View our selection of bongs to see if there is anything that grabs your attention.

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