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With Dab Rigs, How Do You Use Them Without Losing Concentrate?

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Even if you're a seasoned dab king or queen, you need to know how to avoid wasting your concentrates. If you're seeking for advice on how to perfect the dab, we've got you covered!

Here's how to get the most out of your dab setup without wasting any of your weed.

The tools you'll need

Pipes for water

It's no surprise that they resemble bongs in form and function (about 8-10 inches). Local cannabis dispensaries carry them.

A light

Your regular torch at home will be plenty. At every convenience shop, you may find these. Alternatively, you might use an electric dab nail, which can be switched on and off at any given time. Online or at a smoke shop, you may acquire this product.

A smudge of nail polish

As a refresher, a dab nail is a piece of equipment you use to vaporize the cannabis concentrate that you put in the setup. You'll need to make sure you get one that matches your water pipe's gauge before you purchase it. A wide variety of nails are available, however Titanium variants are the most common. This is due to the fact that it is able to tolerate the sweltering heat. Ceramic or quartz nails may also be purchased.

a kind of cannabis oil

Weed shops in your area can help you locate the right strain for your needs. Weed concentrates are made by extracting the cannabis and then refining it. Dabbing with alcohol-based extracts is not recommended since they might harm your health. The seller/distributor should be contacted before to purchase to learn about the extraction process.

A headgear

If you want to keep the smoke in, you may want to put a cover on the nail to keep it from escaping.

One who dabbles on the surface of things.

Scooping cannabis concentrates into the nail necessitates a dabber tool. In the case of dabbing using a dabber, a glass/metal/ceramic tool is used. In a wide range of colors and forms, they are available. Titanium dabbers, either pointed or ball-point, are what we propose. The usage of dabbers with unusual shapes or glass-like shapes wastes a lot of product.

The time has come to learn how to utilize a dab rig properly so that we don't waste any of our precious concentrates.

Step-by-step instructions on using a dab rig

The first step is to begin.

Fill a rig to the brim with water. When you draw air through the rig, it will bubble.

In this step, insert a nail into the joint. A tiny bit of concentrate should be placed on the end of your dabber tool and dabber tool so that it falls off easily.

Step 3: Heat your nail with a torch until it shines bright red. Make sure the torch isn't near your glass at all times. To avoid doing so, you may end up breaking it. Stop heating the nail after it's become orange. The dome/glass hood should be placed over the joint's nail to protect it.

If you have an electric dab nail, you may skip this step and go on to step 4. All you have to do is switch it on and adjust the temperature. 5500F to 6500F is the ideal temperature for the nail. The terpene profile in your concentrates, which is responsible for the delicious taste, will be preserved in this temperature range.

It's time for the fourth step.

For around 40 seconds, keep your distance from the nail until it has cooled off. The richer the taste, the longer you wait. If you wait too long, the nail will not completely vaporize your dab.

Apply the dab to the middle of your nail after it has cooled down to the ideal temperature. Now, position the cap over the top of the nail and begin slowly drawing in air from your dab rig. Don't you already get the feeling that you're taking off and going places?

Our advice on how to get the most out of your dabs.

Set a timer and wait until your nail has cooled to the proper temperature before applying any polish. The amount of time that is left up to chance may be determined this way.

Keep the mouthpiece sanitized with wipes at all times.

Keep the dabber clean so that you may use it again in the future without having to worry about removing any residue.

After completing the dab, always wipe the nail clean. It counts as good etiquette too!

So, do you think you're ready to put these strategies into practice and properly operate your dab rig? Do you think so? Cheers to the swab!

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