Wednesday, December 1, 2021

You should buy a high-quality bong for seven reasons.

Smokers now have access to a broad variety of smoking devices. And although many of us begin with a cheap bong and a crumpled joint, there comes a point when we need to improve.

You should purchase a high-quality bong for these reasons and more. Here, we'll explain to you why a high-quality bong is the finest possible investment.

Let us now begin.

1. Easily blends in with your own style.

Although inexpensive bongs have generic designs, high-quality bongs are custom-made for each user.

A bong is more than simply a smoking equipment; it's a piece of art that may be used as a piece of décor. Beautifully decorated bongs may be found in a variety of designs, colours, and materials.

There are some aesthetically built bongs, like this Bottle Water Pipe with Rooster Percolator, or this 50/5 Limited Edition Glass Bubble Base Bong by Jerome Baker, that aren't designed to appeal to as many people as possible.

Secondly, high-quality construction.

Acrylic and silicone bongs may be more cost-effective, and they may be easier to transport, but they will never match the pristine flavour of a glass bong.

Borosilicate glass is the material of choice for bongs of the highest calibre. Silica and boron trioxide are the main ingredients in this kind of glass. Borosilicate glass is more heat-resistant and durable than conventional glass, which is why it's often used in scientific equipment.

Is it good enough for a lab? It's good enough for me.

Three. The rips are scrumptious and delicious.

Taste is an important part of smoking high-quality herbs. And there's no better way to appreciate the flavour of the vapour than with a fine bong.

It's not simply the borosilicate glass that contributes to the purity of the smoke; it's also the additional filtering. Percolators, ice catchers, and a bigger shape are all features of high-quality bongs that allow the smoke to cool down before it reaches your lungs.

As a result, you'll often get thicker, cooler clouds that taste better and have a fuller flavour profile. Non-glass substitutes just do not provide the same taste.

4. It's easier to keep track of your dosages.

It's not a good idea to count the number of joints or cigarettes you smoke. If you don't weigh each piece before and after smoking, it's easy to overestimate how much you're ingesting.

When compared to dab rigs, bongs provide you greater control. You don't need much more than a bowl and a weighing scale. The only thing left is to keep track of how many bowls you've smoked because you now know precisely how much you're ingesting with each pack.

For those times when you only want to smoke one hit, you may acquire little tester bowls, or even numerous bowls with different capacity so you can better manage and quantify your dosages of marijuana.

To get the most out of your smoky time.

The herb that isn't consumed when you smoke a joint is visible in the smoke trail. In addition, the heat of the smoke may destroy several active components in various plants before they have a chance to reach your lungs.

Through the use of strong percolation mechanisms, bongs enable you to instantly chill down the smoke in order to maintain its active elements. You also save herb since the bowl can be turned "off" between hits.

6. Increase the resale value

There is no market for our old acrylic or silicone components. Why would they do that? Glass, on the other hand, cannot be maintained as pure.

In contrast, well-known manufacturers often produce high-quality bongs. Their construction allows them to last virtually forever if you keep care of them, so it’s easy to sell a good bong that looks as clean and new as the day it was bought.

If you ever want to sell your bong, you’ll likely find a buyer that will pay close to what you paid first. I don't know. Maybe you can buy a good bong at a cheaper price, restore it, and sell it at a profit!

7. Enhanced smoking experiences

A high-quality bong will give you the best smoking experience you’ve ever had. It engages your senses through the sound and vibration of the smoke filtration, which is satisfying to watch by itself.

The filtration not only allows for cool and flavorful hits, but it also removes the harshness of the hits, getting you a smooth and delicious smoking experience.

When smoking aromatic materials, there’s no better way to immediately fill the room in cool smoke than with a good bong.

Upgrading your bong

As we’ve seen, there’s no better way to get the most out of your dry herbs and improve your smoking experience as a good bong.

Ready to upgrade yours? Get yourself a high-quality percolator bong with a powerful filtration system, and don't forget to check the rest of our bong collection.

Once you smoke out of a good bong, you’ll never want to smoke out of anything else.

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