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It may be utilized in a variety of ways.

Puffco, based in Brooklyn, New York, began providing us with stylish and high-quality vaporizers about ten years ago. They're fantastic. The Puffco Plus and the Puffco are indistinguishable from one another.

If you buy it, use it as soon as feasible. We'll show you how to vape waxy concentrates in this post.

Are you ready to light up? Begin by obtaining your wax.

What's in the package, exactly?

To make it work, everything has to come together. A role is played by the USB charger, handbook, swabs, and Puffco Plus Wax Pen included in the box.

Make sure you have your Puffco Plus charger and your Puffco Plus. That is the next step you should take. Then continue on to the next section of the guide.

It is now being charged.

Examine your vape pen to determine whether it is completely charged. Even if your vape pen comes with some juice, you may still use it for a long time. You can use it for longer when it's completely charged.

It only takes a few minutes to charge. When you wish to get rid of the Puffco Plus, make sure you screw it off above the button! Finally, insert the charger into the battery and connect it to a power source, then screw the battery in place. This is the final phase in the process. When you connect it in, the light should be red. When it's finished, it should be green.

It is expected that a complete charge would take roughly half an hour, but it may take longer. It'll be ready when it's ready. Then take your focus and let's get started.

Before you use your Puffco Plus, make sure it's ready to go.

You should go through a burn-off cycle to get rid of everything before you do anything else. While you're doing this, don't inhale or use your device. You should take these procedures to ensure that your device is clean and ready to use.

To enter into the Puffco Plus and start it up, press the cloud button five times. Your gadget will then require 12 minutes to heat up. To do so, press the button twice. To lock the button, press it five times. People should wait for their gadgets to cool down before repeating the process.

It can be used again after going through this "burn off cycle."

To do so, unscrew the mouth piece from the body and remove it from the chamber. When you buy a Puffco Plus, you can quickly fill it up with a built-in dart. Screw back on the mouthpiece after dabbing a bit with the dart. That's all there is to it!

You should put roughly 0.02 to 0.03 grammes inside the device at a time while putting it in. So, until you're done, run Sesh Mode three times.

I improve my puffing skills with the Puffco Plus.

Now that your device is charged, loaded, and ready to use, you may begin vaping. You must push the button five times to regain access to the phone. This may be accomplished in four ways:

Green indicates that the temperature is extremely low (580°F, or 305°C) in this example.

650°F (343°C)

It gets really heated when you apply white on your skin. The temperature is at 720°F (382°C).

Lower temperatures produce the greatest flavour. Clouds are better when they are warmer because they are denser.

The concentration should heat up all over your gadget if you hold it upright. To obtain some heat, all you have to do now is hold the button down for eight seconds.

You may also click the button twice and select Sesh Mode, which allows you to pound the button for up to 12 seconds at a time. You may wish to wait a few minutes after using the gadget two or three times to avoid it becoming too hot. It's all up to you.

Assuring that the Puffco Plus is well-cared for

You don't have to clean up one by one once you've vaporised all of the rubbish at once.

Wait till it's exactly perfect to make sure it's not too hot in there. To clean the chamber, use the swabs that come with the mouthpiece. However, you can perform the same thing with an old-fashioned cotton swab. Make sure you complete both of these tasks in the same manner.

To make it last longer and to obtain the greatest vapour, clean it after each usage.

Finally, some thoughts.

The Puffco Plus is a wonderful alternative for folks who want a basic vape pen that produces a lot of smoke.

Other vape pens can also be purchased. Take a look at our vaporizers and dab rigs to make sure you have everything you need for your next dab session.

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