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Oil rigs are the heart of the drilling industry.

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With the widespread awareness of the risks of smoking, an increasing number of individuals are turning to concentrates and herbal mixes as a healthy option. As a result, the usage of vaporizers has skyrocketed recently, but another approach – dabbing – is also gaining traction. In truth, the two methods are very similar, albeit dabbing with a rig is a little more difficult. Anyone who has ever dabbed and enjoyed it wishes to possess their own oil tiny dab rigs, but most newcomers are intimidated by the large options.

Terms like "nails," "domes," "carb caps," and a slew of other parts seem foreign at first, and the frustrated consumer has no idea where to look. This, however, is not an issue because it can be prevented with a little planning. Anyone who understands how an oil pipe works and the functions of the numerous component pieces is already a step ahead and can make a better informed selection. Of course, the selection is extensive, ranging from basic, low-cost dab rigs to unique custom-made rigs with a variety of additions.

As a result, the accompanying guide should serve as a resource and adequately highlight all options. The choice of an appropriate oil bong may be made much easier if you have the essential knowledge.

What is the definition of an oil rig?

Anyone who has never dabbed before and is presented with an oil pipe for the first time is likely to be perplexed. A dab rig, unlike a traditional bond, is not designed to burn anything. Instead, it features a "nail" that is heated with a torch (butane burner) and then sprayed with the required concentration (dabbed). Steam is created for inhalation as soon as the nail reaches the necessary temperature. Dabbing has the benefit of extracts being heated at a low temperature, which means no pollutants are produced, unlike smoking. A dab rig is therefore far superior to a standard pipe, particularly when used for medicinal purposes. Because oil rigs offer a few additional advantages, this huge effectiveness is merely one of many reasons why dabbing is becoming more popular.

An oil rig's essential equipment

Oil pipes require a number of components, but only three are absolutely necessary: a glass vessel, a nail, and a torch. While the first two are sold as a set, the butane burner is normally sold individually, however entire bundles are occasionally available. Apart from that, many users like to apply concentrates with a "dabber."

Some folks prefer to have many dab rigs with various components that they can mix and match. This makes determining which arrangement is suitable for particular purpose much easier. Personal taste is, of course, the final deciding factor, but beginners should start with a modest set.

The many varieties of nails

Although it may appear insignificant at first, the best nail is nevertheless a point of contention. This is owing to the fact that the nail is ultimately in charge of heating the concentrate to the proper temperature. As a result, having a nail that warms up rapidly and maintains the heat for an extended length of time is a huge benefit for any oil rig. The following is a list of the various nails and their characteristics:

Glass: Borosilicate glass is fairly sturdy and ideal for bongs and pipes, but not so much for dab rigs. They are inexpensive, but unfortunately, they break easily and must be replaced frequently. They're also nearly inappropriate for dabbing some concentrations.

Ceramic is equally as fragile as glass, yet it can maintain a higher temperature for longer periods of time.

Quartz is far more stable than glass or ceramic, making it ideal for oil bongs. Overheating is nearly impossible, but it cannot sustain the appropriate temperature for lengthy periods of time.

Titan Nails are preferred by most expert dabbers for their oil rigs. It's nearly unbreakable and can hold heat for an extended period of time. The sole disadvantage is the possibility of overheating, which might result in the concentrate being burned. On the dab rig, a water diffuser can aid.

E-nails: Due to their expensive purchasing price, they have been less popular in the past, but they are still quite potent. They are powered by electricity and hence do not require the use of a torch. Furthermore, the appropriate temperature may be simply changed to prevent overheating.

Additional resources

You won't have to worry about accessories if you get a full set. Putting different components together individually, on the other hand, may be a lot of fun and result in a fantastic, one-of-a-kind dab rig. Fewer people invest in a range of dabbing equipment and have extensive oil pipe collections.

Metal or glass dabbers and tiny bongs are the most common accessories. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but they all serve the same purpose: to make it easier to divide and apply concentrates. However, you must confirm that the dabber and oil rig are compatible before making your decision. A torch is obviously necessary in any case, but many people make the mistake of purchasing a Bunsen burner that is far too large and strong. This is not only ineffective, but it is also harmful. Small torches, such as the ones we sell in our shop, are sufficient for most dab setups.

The benefits and drawbacks of operating an oil rig

Anyone who dabbles out of a competent oil rig typically enjoys it and wants to do it again. Of course, you'll eventually need your own oil bong. You may theoretically make your own dab rigs, but the time and work required is considerable, and the results are disappointing. Those who are serious about dabbing must invest in a high-quality oil pipe. However, there are various reasons why the purchase is worthwhile:

Comfort: You'll find everything you need to enjoy first-rate dabs.

Safety: Unlike home-made equipment, a high-quality oil rig provides the required protection.

Style: Oil bongs, like other water pipes, have true pieces of art that are not only useful for dabbing but also a wonderful eye-catcher. Individual designs may be built because to the large number of components available.

Unless you get a low-quality dab rig or nail, there are no drawbacks at all. Many concentrates would be squandered in this circumstance since an appropriate temperature would be hard to achieve. Any seasoned dabber knows how aggravating it is when the extract doesn't get hot enough and doesn't generate enough vapor, but this isn't an issue with a good oil rig.

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