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5 pointers for dabbers fresh to the game

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Are you interested in small dab rigs but unsure how to use them? To get over it, use these simple suggestions.

If you've never dealt with concentrates before, dabbing may seem frightening. Is that a Bunsen burner? That seemed like a Bunsen burner for vaporizers to me. The good news is that if you know these tactics, dabbing isn't all that difficult.

Many people who are used to dabbing enjoy the flavour and experience of a clearer, more euphoric high.

Concentrates have a great potency, thus when used medicinally, they can provide rapid and powerful relief.


If you're going to dab, you'll need the following items:

a junction or a rig

It's similar to a "nail" that goes on or into the connection of your bong.

As previously explained, it's essentially a tube with a little rim for melting your concentrates within.

To use a "stick" (a device for heating water to a high temperature) to pick up your concentrate and apply it to the nail.

If it's your first time using the equipment, start by dabbing your nail. You won't receive a bad taste when you inhale, which makes for a more enjoyable experience. It's like seeing something in a frying pan go up in smoke. Heat your nails to 260°C, then apply the nail concentrate or hemp oil, then let them cool before removing them. Rep this method two or three times more to make your argument. Some people just immerse their heated nail in water and repeat the process multiple times.

You may now warm up the freshly-burned nail in your setup with your bunsen burner. Inhale deeply while dabbing the concentrate with your dabber on your nail. Do not try to remove the nail in the same way you would the stem of a bong. As a result of your actions, your fingertips will be badly burnt. A "dome" that fits over the nail and helps to confine the steam inside the nail can be found on some nails. These elements might be difficult to grasp at first, but when done right, they can look gorgeous.

Other rig types employ a pan, which is heated with a Bunsen burner before being swivelled into the right position. To get the maximum steam out of the concentrate, inhale while dabbing it on the pan.

Instead of lighting a match, produce vapour from your concentrates using an electric nail or pen vaporizer.


Flowers are ineffective compared to concentrations. Furthermore, when you ingest marijuana, you are ingesting the plant's organic components, which contain less THC. Because it is made from the highest-THC section of the flowers, the concentrate may contain 60-99 percent THC depending on the extraction procedure. This is why it's critical for novices to begin with a little level of focus. Begin by coating the tip of your dabber with a little quantity and working your way up.


Some people report that dabbing gives them greater anxiety since concentrates have higher THC levels. It may take some time to adjust, but as your tolerance grows, you will notice a decrease in your anxiety levels.

If the effectiveness is good, the effects may linger for several hours. Before you plan any activities, be sure you're comfortable in your current location and prepared to remain for a while. You'll know exactly when to take action once you know your dosage. If it's your first time, set aside an hour to two hours at home to unwind.


If you want to have a good time dabbing, be prepared to appreciate your high. It's probable that the neck will start to itch at around 482 degrees Celsius. If you feel hot, always have a supply of cool water on hand. Keep a few snacks on hand in case you become hungry in between meals. You may feel dizzy when you first begin dabbing, so have some snacks on hand to protect you from being dizzy.


Clean the equipment thoroughly after each use if you don't want it to get dirty. After heating your nail, wipe it clean with an alcohol wipe or a clean cloth. Heat up the Bunsen burner to get rid of the sticky stuff remaining on the nail. Scraped-off metal can get into your head, so be careful not to damage your nail! (Depending on the shape of your nail)

After you've cleaned everything up, use parchment paper instead of wax paper for storage. Wax can melt into the concentrate, making peeling it off difficult; parchment paper does not have this problem.

Dabbing does not have to be a chore; it may be a fun activity that also helps you solve your medical condition swiftly. If you take excellent care of your setup and yourself, you'll be dabbing like a pro in no time. Enjoy yourself and take it easy.

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