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Bongs and pipes

The term "bong" derives from a phonetic derivative of the Thai word "baung," which American soldiers brought back from the Vietnam War as another way to smoke. With time, it grew in popularity to the point where it spread rapidly throughout North America, then the Western world, to the point where we all know where to get bongs in Mexico.

The fact is that not enough research has been conducted on marijuana, but studies conducted on tobacco show that by smoking in a bong, up to 90% of the toxins released may be removed.

The advantages of smoking in bongs

Many argue that this is the optimal method of smoking cannabis since the long-term effects are reduced, allowing for a healthier manner to consume the smoke.

In a 1991 research, it was demonstrated that marijuana smoke filtered via water eliminates cytotoxins known to cause immune cell damage.

In a bong, just marijuana is smoked, as opposed to smoking it in a cane, which alters the flavour sensation and inhales compounds that are harmful to respiratory health.

When smoked using a bong, you can detect every aspect of the marijuana strain being consumed.

It's simple and quick. Have you ran out of grey hair and are unable to locate your pipe? No issue; all you need is a lighter and a brief train of that sacred plant you adore.

By smoking in a bong, you can more precisely manage how much alcohol you consume and ensure that nothing is wasted.

Marijuana is ingested less when smoked in a touch or joint, as it is consumed as you speak and run, resulting in a lower yield.

When you smoke in a bong, you have access to cooled and filtered smoke, which allows you to hold it longer, resulting in increased intake and a more prolonged impact.

Why is it necessary to replace your bong's water?

We can see it in the brands of little bongs, and many believe that the first germs in the bong water appear just one day after it is first used. The worst part is that if the water is not changed, these germs are still breathed and travel directly to your lungs, where they might cause illness.

Keep in mind that water acts as a filter, accumulating harmful waste and turning it black, similar to drain water. The worst part is that the longer you have it, the more chemicals and microorganisms you will inhale. It is advised that you replace it every two days; because it can be filled with tap water, it will cost you nothing to replenish it.

Additionally, marijuana's unique flavour and smell may be diminished. Additionally, you might accidentally strike it and spill the contents, which would spread the bad odour wherever it lands. Therefore, if you truly call yourself a pacheco, you cannot afford these repulsive hazing rituals.


As bong providers, we understand that they do not cost three pesos and that after you have invested in purchasing your amazing bong from BRSTR, you must take care of it and maintain it clean. We propose that you always smoke in style and that you replace the water periodically; your pacheco pals will appreciate it as well.

While water pipes are a far superior alternative for filtering marijuana smoke, utilising vaporizers is still the most effective way to do the least amount of damage to your lungs. And the reason for this is because these holy vapes are capable of fully avoiding combustion by heating the marijuana at a lower temperature.

How to clean a bong properly and what supplies are required?

Alcohol isopropyl


Bag made of plastic

Cleaning a bong

Dismantle the bong in its entirety.

Fill it halfway with alcohol, about the same quantity as you would use for smoking.

Sufficient salt is added and the mixture is agitated until these two components are completely integrated.

Stirring continues for around 20 minutes, at which point it will be as good as new.

* When cleaning tiny pipes, place them in a plastic bag (remember to check that it does not have holes).

After placing the alcohol and salt in the bag, the pipe is immersed and let to rest for an hour.

According to the National Survey on the Usage of Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco (Encodat), from 2011 to 2016, consumption of any sort of illegal substance, such as marijuana, increased from 7.8 percent to 10.3 percent of the overall population. The intake of other medications, on the other hand, remained unchanged.

Other sorts of illicit narcotics increased from 2.3 percent to 4.3 percent, according to the findings.

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