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Something you need to know when you smoke

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And now that we've described what water bongs are and how they function in detail, the next logical question is: Do you smoke bongs? Are you a fan of this novel method of smoking in a water pipe? If your response is yes, you should be aware of the following basic yet extremely important advice provided by Eaglebongs:

A hookah is an excellent way for a beginner smoker to experiment with smoking. Keep in mind, however, that you do not want to inhale as deeply or as long as other experienced smokers, since this might result in excessive coughing.

If you anticipate coughing, pull your mouth away from the bong. Coughing into the bong while the pipe and bowl are still within sends everything flying (including tobacco or cannabis).

If water is kept stale or unmodified for an extended length of time, it can develop an unpleasant odour. To keep the flavour of your bong smooth and pleasant, clean it with a simple solution of salt (ideally coarse salt) and alcohol (the more USD the better). Shake it several times and immerse it for a bit to remove any remaining resin.

Though you believe your lungs have been damaged by a touch and you are experiencing agony, "take a few deep breaths" (even if it is terrible) and the discomfort will subside in a few seconds. It is critical to keep your lungs refreshed to avoid coughing and suffering.

If you do cough and feel as if you've inhaled through the wrong end of a flamethrower, and your throat continues to burn after inhaling new air into your lungs, having something sweet typically helps. The finest option is fresh and non-carbonated. The open can of Pepsi that has been sitting in the refrigerator since the previous night has suddenly become your closest buddy.

Pressing the lighter laying on the bowl to seal it will assist you in obtaining the remainder of your blend.

After using the product, use a small toothpick, ideally an unfurled paper clip, to remove product residue and ashes from the bowl, making the process easier and more seamless for the other person.

Avoid using Gatorade or any form of fruit juice (apple, white grape) in place of water to flavour your bong; this will cause your bong to get sticky and the effect will be diminished since the sugar molecules will encircle the THC, making it more difficult to absorb into the bloodstream.

Always pass the lighter and bong to the next person to ensure you know where they are.

To clean your bong, combine 90-100 percent ethyl alcohol and any coarse salt, mix well, and discard in the restroom. Flush immediately or the toilet will become stuck to the resin, and then clean the toilet bowl to remove any alcohol or salt residue before refilling it with water and smoking again.

By adding a few drops of milk to the water, you may completely cover the glass, preventing the resin from adhering to the sides and reducing harshness. Every 3-4 days, wash.

Shopping guide: all you need to know about bongs

How to smoke a bong properly? What advantages may I gain from this experience? These and other questions may arise as you begin your exploration of marijuana's advantages and these hookah brothers. However, do not be concerned; that is what we are here for. The following are the most commonly asked questions regarding bongs used to smoke marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs.

Components of a bong

The bong's primary function is to separate the smoke from the drug consumed. Before arriving to you, pass through water (in some cases ice). Thus, the experience is more recent. It is an excellent strategy for individuals who are just getting started. However, what are the components of a bong? Following that, we'll go through each component of a bong to help you comprehend it better:

Bowl: In a bong, the bowl is the section that contains the material that will be smoked. In rare instances, this piece may be constructed from a unique substance (usually steel or copper).

How is the bowl connected to the bong stem? Everything is OK with the stem. It is a tube that connects the bowl to the bong's base. At the base, the stem is mostly submerged, bringing it into touch with water.

Base: Logically, the bong's inner portion functions as the contraption's pillar. It is often rather large due to the fact that it is where the water is dumped. The bottom of a bong is sometimes shown as bubbling smoke.

Camera:This item does not conceal an excessive amount of mystery. It acts as a conduit for the smoke to travel from the base to the mouthpiece and finally to your mouth.

The smoke flows through the mouthpiece on its way to your mouth. When we refer to the top orifice of the bong as a mouthpiece, we are referring to the mouthpiece. In this case, you must use your mouth to inhale the smoke and enjoy the material.

Carburetor: Certain bongs, particularly glass ones, incorporate carburettors. It is often detachable. These are little holes located above the water's surface. They are used to control the smoke that emanates from the chamber.

There are two types of bongs: acrylic bongs and glass bongs.

Although bongs may now be constructed from virtually any material (bamboo bongs are available), the most popular alternatives are acrylic and glass bongs. A priori, no bong is superior to another. It all relies on the product's quality and, most importantly, on your demands. However, let us examine this comparison table in further detail:

The benefits of smoking from a bong

What are all those bizarre weed-patterned tubes and decorations, Ethiopian and Rastafarian flags plastered over the city? Clearly, this is marketing. Apart from that, the product performs well and delivers an exceptional user experience. Do you wish to learn more about its advantages? They are listed below:


Possible amelioration of long-term consequences

Smoke that has been filtered with water aids in the removal of harmful components.

The texture of the flavours is enhanced.

Extremely simple to use and maintain

Economical and long lasting

It enables more precise control over the amount smoked.

The experience is more authentic.

How to properly prepare a bong for smoking

Smoking using a bong may be a wonderful experience, but you must know how to do it properly. Obviously, no one is born wise, and no matter how much we explain, the only way to truly master the bong is via time and consistent use. However, it is not a terrible idea to begin by discussing how to properly prepare a bong for smoking. Take heed!

To begin using your bong to smoke marijuana or tobacco, you must first fill it with water. It's rather straightforward. It should have a portion of the stem immersed in it (approximately between 3 and 7 cm from it, it also depends on the size of the bong ). Other liquids, like as tea or fruit juices, can be used to flavour your puffs.

Fill the bowl: You may leave the stem in the bong or not. Crumble the bud if possible. Additionally, you may utilise a filter. If you have loaded the bowl without the stem, remember to insert it before smoking.

To begin, light the bud: Once lit, grab the bong and place your mouth on the mouthpiece. Prepare for inhalation. When igniting the grass, exercise caution; you do not want to burn the bowl more than required.

Generating smoke and filling the bong: While adhering to the preceding section, inhale to allow smoke to collect in the chamber. Cover the carburetor on your bong while performing this procedure. Once you've produced the desired amount of smoke, the hit is near. Prepare yourself.

Empty the bong: Do you already own the desired amount of smoke? By breathing, empty the chamber and releasing the carburetor. If it does not, you will need to remove the stem. If there is still smoke in the chamber following your initial hit, do not be alarmed; it is not the end of the world; simply take another!

Criteria for acquisition

With a greater understanding of the smoking bong and its benefits, you're probably already convinced to get one. Logic dictates that, as with any other purchase, the purchase must be prudent. What does "smart shopping" entail? To select a product that is truly suited to you. To do this, you can use the following purchasing criteria:



The quantity of cameras



In general, there are three varieties of bongs based on their shape: those with a hole or carburetor, those with a straight tube, and those with a spherical base. The carburetor is more of an afterthought than a matter of form. Although it is often found in ceramic or glass bongs, it may be found in others as well. However, let us examine these three characteristics in further detail:

Carburetor: This has previously been stated. These are holes that enable smoke to gather or escape, depending on whether they are covered by something, such as your thumb. Apart from releasing smoke, they help to accelerate it by mixing it with fresh air.

Straight tube: They are long, similar to a spike, and have a straightforward design. They resemble conical tubes. Certain smokers like bongs that include a straight pipe, but one that is extremely lengthy. What is the reason? They argue that because the smoke takes longer to inhale, it reaches the smoker at a fresher temperature.

Although they appear to be laboratory tools, they are not. The procedure is identical to that of the straight tube bong. The main difference is in their stability, since their broad base allows them to stand more securely and without the need for restraints.


Size and capacity are inextricably related. Round base bongs, on the other hand, often have a large capacity due to their base design. They are, however, more difficult to manage, particularly if you are simply going to smoke. Numerous smokers take note of the camera's tube. Some want it long (for a cooler smoke), while others prefer it short (more intense puffs).

Volume quantum:

Below 500 ml, we're talking about a tiny bong designed for those who smoke alone or have recently begun.

Between 500 and 1000 ml is the common size (with an average of 750 ml).

For expert users or those smoking in a group, bongs with a capacity more than 1000 or 2000 ml are advised.

The quantity of cameras

Although one chamber is plenty for most users, there are bongs with two or more chambers. The greatest bongs on our original list are mainly single chambered. However, we've added a pretty nice four-camera option as well! However, multi-chamber bongs are offered. What purpose does it serve?

Multiple filtration results in a reduction of hazardous substances.

Much more refined taste. The more chambers the smoke must pass through, the weakened the smoker becomes, softening the puffs.

When ice or cold water is utilised, better freshness is achieved.


Obviously, you're seeking for a bong that's simple to maintain. They are often simple to clean. Keep the material in mind, however. Plastic ones, for example, are permeable. Ceramic ones are less expensive, but they are more delicate. While those constructed of glass are likewise brittle, they are not as permeable. Cleaning a bong is straightforward, but make the most of the time you have:

When you're through smoking, remove the water to avoid mould growth. To remove grime, clean the bong with hot water and thoroughly dry it. You may either use kitchen paper or a dry, clean towel.

If you are unable to remove dirt or resin from locations where it has accumulated during a normal pass, try some alcohol. Alcohol wipes are really beneficial. Of course, after resolving the issue, properly clean and dry the bong with hot water.

Obviously, it is preferable to dismantle the components and wash them individually. It won't take long, so avoid being slothful. Kindly keep in mind that this is a smoking gadget. It is not prudent to do so when this dirty, as the dirt will be ingested by you. Unpleasant, isn't it?

According to marijuana and its international scholars, the bong originated in African nations. This is supported by several excavations in Ethiopia, where alleged bongs dating from the 12th century were discovered.


Marijuana use is becoming more socially acceptable. As with any other drug, it should be ingested sparingly. If you are responsible, you will understand how to reap its numerous rewards. In this regard, the smoking bong can contribute to a more enjoyable experience. This is especially beneficial if you are a novice, as it softens and controls puffs.

However, in order to get a cheap high-end bong and learn how to use it properly, you must first have a complete understanding of the many options available. Consider not just the sizes and forms, but also the components of the bong, such as the tubes, the carburetor, and the base. By examining this information, you may enter the realm of cannabis with confidence.

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