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What You Need To Know About Using A Dab Rig Without Wasting Your Concentrate

Whatever your degree of familiarity with concentrates, knowing how to correctly dab without wasting too much is essential. We've put up a list of tips and tricks to help you nail that dab!

Here's how to use a dab rig properly to prevent wasting any of your concentrates.

You'll require a few items.

a water-transporting pipe

They bear a striking resemblance to the classic bong design (about 8-10 inches). They should be available at your local marijuana store.

the source of light

It's quite OK to use the torch you're used to at home. They'll be available at any petrol station. As an alternative, you can use a switchable electric dab nail. You may get your hands on this either online or in a smoke shop.

a teeny, teeny, teeny, teeny, teeny, teeny,

A dab nail is a device that is used to vaporise cannabis concentrates that are placed inside a bong, if you're not familiar with the word. Before you buy a water pipe gauge, think about it carefully. There are many different types of nails on the market, but Titanium variants are the most popular. This is owing to the fact that it can withstand high temperatures. On the other hand, a ceramic or quartz nail could be a preferable choice.

Cannabinoid-enhanced cannabis oil

Visit your local dispensary to choose one that suits your needs. Weed concentrates are a highly refined form of cannabis that has undergone further extraction and processing. However, because of the potential health concerns, dabbing with alcohol-based extracts is not suggested. Before you buy an extract, find out how it was made by contacting the maker or distributor.

Putting on a cap

The smoke will not be able to escape from the nail if you use a cap, also known as a dome or a glass hood.

a spray bottle

A dabber is required to apply the marijuana concentrate on the nail. A dabber is a glass, metal, or ceramic device that is used to apply a dab of substance. They're available in a variety of colours and shapes. A titanium pointed or ballpoint dabber is recommended. Ink is wasted a lot with dabbers that have unique shapes or are shaped like glasses.

Let's look at how to use a dab rig effectively now that we have everything we need.

How to use a dab rig step-by-step instructions

The procedure begins with the first step.

Fill a rig with water all the way to the top. When you blow air through the rig, bubbles appear.

Step 2: Drive a nail through the joint. Rep with a different nail. With your dabber, scoop up a small amount of concentrate and position it at the end of the dabber instrument so that it slips out easily.

Step 3: Using a torch, heat your nail until it glows brilliant red. Keep your drink away from the flames. You run the risk of breaking it if you don't. Stop heating the nail if it becomes orange. Cover the nail at the intersection with the glass hood and the dome.

You may skip this step and move right to step 4 if you're using an electric dab nail. All you have to do is turn it on and set the temperature you want. For the best results, heat the nail to between 5500F and 6500F. In this temperature range, the terpene profile in your concentrates, which gives them their exquisite flavour, will be kept.

The final and fourth step is

Allow around 40 seconds for the nail to cool before continuing. Waiting a bit longer will give you a greater taste. If you wait too long, the dab will not be entirely consumed by the nail.

Step 5: Once the dab has cooled to the proper temperature, apply it to the nail's core. Put the cap on your nail and slowly start sucking air through your dab rig when you're ready to use it. Don't you have the impression you're about to take off and travel somewhere?

Here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of your dab session.

Set a timer and wait for your nail to cool to the right temperature before going on to the next step. As a result, the duration is a matter of conjecture.

Wipe the mouthpiece off with alcohol wipes after each use to keep it clean.

Remember to clean away the dabber's residue so that it may be used again shortly.

Wipe the nail clean with a q-tip after applying the dab. It's also wonderful etiquette!

So, do you believe you're ready to put these methods into action and run your dab rig properly? You undoubtedly do! Good luck with your experimentation!

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