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How to Dab in the Dark Without a Torch

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Dabbing is a method of smoking waxes or concentrates. When smoking these substances, it is critical to properly heat these goods. It's ideal to use a dab torch to heat your wax and concentrates. To correctly heat your concentrates, a dab torch can achieve temperatures of up to 1430 °C (2610 °F). If you don't properly heat your wax and concentrates, you'll miss out on the tremendous effects and tasty rips that dabbing can deliver. What if you don't have a dab torch on hand when you want to dab?

In this blog, we will discuss alternate methods for dabbing without a dab torch. We'll go over all of your alternatives for dabbing without a torch in this section. We'll also explain why most people use torches and how to get similar outcomes using alternate methods.

Let's get started!

What is the purpose of using torches for dabbing?

To get a good rip, heat up your nail evenly and effectively. Unlike a typical bong bowl, where you just ignite your material, dabbing necessitates heating the nail until it's red-hot before placing your concentration. The simplest method is to use a torch. Torches allow you to quickly disseminate a large amount of heat, and their design allows you to heat the nail evenly without exerting too much effort. Torches produce hotter, more consistent flames than normal lighters, making them ideal for reaching the temperatures required for dabbing.

However, there are other alternatives to torches that can allow you to achieve the desired outcomes.

1. Use an E-Nail E-nails are one of our favourite non-torch dabbing methods.

Instead of a flame, e-nails use electricity to reach the desired temperature. E-nails, such as the G Pen Connect, replace both your nail and torch, allowing you to load your substance right onto it and achieve the ideal dabbing temperature. Instead of attempting to compute the temperature based on the appearance of the nail or the length of time it has been heated, e-nails let you to dab at a constant, fixed temperature of your choice. Because there is no open flame, e-nails are potentially safer and easier to use than a dabbing torch. You also don't have to continually reloading them with butane or, worse, buying new ones. Instead, most people charge their devices via a USB port. Although e-nails are more expensive than a standard torch, the purchase might potentially improve your entire dabbing experience.

2.Utilize a Stove If you don't have a torch, a stove is a decent temporary solution for dabbing.

Tongs, on the other hand, are usually required to carefully handle your nail when heating it up with a torch. Tongs should not be made of plastic or silicone, as these materials can melt. Instead, search for tongs that can withstand direct flame contact. Turn on your stove and raise the flames to their highest setting once you have your tongs. Then, with tongs, hold the nail over the flames. You'll need to hold your nail for a few minutes, usually 5 minutes depending on your stove and preferences. Once the nail has reached the desired temperature, carefully insert it into your dabbing setup and you're ready to go! Although this is a simple approach to avoid using a torch, it is unpleasant and difficult to heat up the nail evenly, so you should generally only use it as a last resort.

3.Utilize a Vaporizer Wax and dab pens are a terrific way to dab without using a torch or a dab rig.

Instead of a flame, dab pens are powered by a heating element and a battery. All you have to do is place your material on top of them, switch them on, and begin dabbing. Vaporizers like the PAX Era Pro are just slightly more expensive than some dab rigs, and it comes with its own Bluetooth app that allows you to dab at specific temperatures. Electronic dab straws, like as the Atmos Electro, allow you to vaporise your material without even putting it in the gadget. Check through our dab pen assortment to find the one that's right for you.

How NOT to Dab When You Don't Have a Torch

There are numerous additional ways to dab without a torch that should be avoided from odd articles and strange subreddits. Some would advise you to use an electric car lighter, which is potentially hazardous than dabbing with a torch. Because car lighters, as the name implies, are commonly available in automobiles, you'll have to sit in a car while utilising the lighter and a bottle as a smoke chamber, which can be unsafe and result in terrible dabbing experiences. Another risky technique is "hot knifing," which involves heating two knives over a stove burner until they're hot enough to vaporise your substance of choice. This approach is not only risky because you must hold two red-hot blades, but it is also difficult to execute, and you may wind up dropping your precious material more than once while learning to utilise it.

Finally, never use aluminium since it might emit harmful vapours when heated. Last Thoughts When you don't have a torch, dabbing can be difficult, but it's not impossible. With these options, we're confident you'll be able to dab securely and comfortably, torch or no torch. Check out our dab rigs and e-nails, and if you're really missing a torch, just grab a new one plus an extra one from our store to ensure you always have a replacement.

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