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Suggestions for Smoking Water Bongs that are Practical

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And now that we've gone over exactly what water bongs are and how they work, the next obvious question is: Do you smoke bongs? Are you a fan of this new smoking method with a water pipe? If you answered yes, you should be aware of the following basic but critical advise from Eaglebongs:

A hookah is a wonderful way for a new smoker to try out smoking. However, keep in mind that you do not want to inhale as deeply or for as long as other experienced smokers, as this may result in severe coughing.

Pull your mouth away from the bong if you expect to cough. When you cough into the bong while the pipe and bowl are still inside, everything goes flying (including tobacco or cannabis).

Water that has been left stale or untreated for an extended period of time may develop a disagreeable odour. To keep your bong's flavour smooth and pleasant, clean it with a simple solution of salt (preferably coarse salt) and alcohol (the more USD the better). Shake it up a few times and soak it for a few minutes to get rid of any leftover resin.

Even if you thought your lungs have been harmed by a touch and you are in pain, "take a few deep breaths" (even if they are dreadful) and the pain will go away in a few seconds. It is vital to keep your lungs hydrated in order to avoid coughing and pain.

If you cough and feel as if you've breathed through the wrong end of a flamethrower, and your throat continues to burn after inhaling new air, eating something sweet usually helps. Fresh, non-carbonated water is the best option. The open can of Pepsi that has been sitting in the fridge since the previous night has unexpectedly become your best friend.

Pressing the lighter laying on the bowl to seal it will help you get the rest of your blend.

After using the product, remove product residue and ashes from the bowl using a little toothpick, ideally an unfurled paper clip, making the process easier and more seamless for the other person.

To flavour your bong, avoid using Gatorade or any type of fruit juice (apple, white grape) in place of water; this will cause your bong to get sticky, and the effect will be decreased since the sugar molecules will encircle the THC, making it more difficult to absorb into the bloodstream.

Always give the lighter and bong to the next person so you know where they are.

To clean your bong, use 90-100 percent ethyl alcohol with any coarse salt, thoroughly mix, and dump in the restroom. Flush quickly or the resin will remain in the toilet, and then rinse away any alcohol or salt residue before refilling with water and smoking again.

You can completely cover the glass by adding a few drops of milk to the water, preventing the resin from clinging to the edges and minimising harshness. Wash every 3-4 days.

Everything you need to know about bongs, according to our shopping guide

How do you correctly smoke a bong? What benefits may I expect from this experience? These and other questions may occur as you begin your investigation into the benefits of marijuana and these hookah brothers. But don't worry; that's exactly what we're here for. The following are the most frequently asked questions about marijuana, tobacco, and other drug-smoking bongs.

A bong's components

The fundamental function of the bong is to separate the smoke from the drug taken. Pass through water before coming at you (in some cases ice). As a result, the experience is more recent. It is a wonderful method for those who are just starting out. But what exactly are the components of a bong? Following that, we'll go over each component of a bong to assist you better understand it:

The bowl of a bong is the portion that holds the material that will be smoked. In rare cases, this object may be made of a one-of-a-kind material (usually steel or copper).

How is the bong stem attached to the bowl? The stem is in good condition. It is a tube that links the bong's bowl to its base. The stem is mostly buried at the base, putting it into contact with water.

Base: Logically, the inner portion of the bong serves as the contraption's pillar. Because it is where the water is deposited, it is frequently rather huge. Sometimes the bottom of a bong is depicted as bubbling smoke.

Camera:This item does not conceal a great deal of mystery. It serves as a conduit for smoke to travel from the base to the mouthpiece and then to your mouth.

On its way to your mouth, the smoke passes through the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is referred to when the top orifice of the bong is referred to as a mouthpiece. In this scenario, you must inhale the smoke and enjoy the stuff with your mouth.

Carburetor: Certain bongs, particularly those made of glass, include carburetors. It is frequently removable. These are little holes above the water's surface. They are used to regulate the amount of smoke that escapes from the chamber.

Acrylic bongs and glass bongs are the two varieties of bongs.

Although bongs may now be made from nearly any material (bamboo bongs are available), acrylic and glass bongs are the most common options. A priori, neither bong is better than the other. Everything is dependent on the product's quality and, most crucially, your requirements. However, let us take a closer look at this comparison table:

The Advantages of Smoking from a Bong

What are all the strange weed-patterned tubes and decorations, Ethiopian and Rastafarian flags strewn over the city? This is clearly marketing. Aside from that, the product works great and provides an excellent user experience. Do you want to know more about its benefits? They are as follows:


Long-term impacts may be mitigated.

Water-filtered smoke aids in the elimination of potentially hazardous components.

The flavor's texture is improved.

Extremely simple to use and keep up with

Cost-effective and long-lasting

It allows for more accurate control over the amount smoked.

The experience is more genuine.

How to Make a Smoking Bong Properly

Smoking with a bong can be a fantastic experience, but you must know how to do it correctly. Obviously, no one is born wise, and no matter how many explanations we give, the only way to truly master the bong is via time and constant use. However, it is not a bad idea to start by talking about how to properly prepare a bong for smoking. Take note!

To start smoking marijuana or tobacco with your bong, you must first fill it with water. It's not difficult to understand. A piece of the stem should be buried in it (approximately between 3 and 7 cm from it, it also depends on the size of the bong ). Tea or fruit juices, for example, can be utilised to flavour your puffs.

Fill the basin with: You have the option of leaving the stem in the bong or not. If possible, crumble the blossom. In addition, you can use a filter. Remember to insert the stem if you loaded the bowl without it before smoking.

Light the bud first, then grasp the bong and place your mouth on the mouthpiece. Get ready to inhale. Use caution when lighting the grass; you don't want to burn the bowl much longer than necessary.

Creating smoke and filling the bong: Inhale to allow smoke to collect in the chamber while adhering to the preceding step. While performing this method, cover the carburetor on your bong. The hit is almost upon you once you've produced the right amount of smoke. Preparation is essential.

Empty the bong: Do you have the necessary amount of smoke already? Emptying the chamber and releasing the carburetor are accomplished by breathing. If it does not, you must remove the stem. If there is still smoke in the chamber after your first hit, don't worry; it's not the end of the world; simply take another!

Acquisition Criteria

With a better understanding of the smoking bong and its benefits, you're probably already convinced to get one. Logic requires that the purchase, like any other, must be prudent. What exactly is "smart shopping"? To select a product that is truly suited to you. You can accomplish this by employing the following purchasing criteria:



The number of cameras



Bongs are classified into three types based on their shape: those with a hole or carburetor, those with a straight tube, and those with a spherical base. The carburetor is an afterthought rather than a design feature. Although it is most commonly found in ceramic or glass bongs, it may also be found in others. However, let us take a closer look at these three characteristics:

Carburetor: As previously explained, this is a carburetor. These are holes that allow smoke to accumulate or escape depending on whether they are covered by something, such as your thumb. They not only emit smoke, but they also aid to speed it by mixing it with fresh air.

Straight tubes are lengthy, comparable to spikes, and have a simple shape. They look like conical tubes. Certain smokers prefer bongs with a straight pipe, but one that is quite long. What is the explanation for this? They believe that because it takes longer to inhale the smoke, it reaches the smoker at a cooler temperature.

They appear to be laboratory instruments, but they are not. The technique is the same as with the straight tube bong. The key distinction is in their stability, since their large base enables them to stand more securely and without the need for constraints.


Capacity and size are tightly linked. Round base bongs, on the other hand, typically have a huge capacity due to the form of their base. They are, however, more difficult to control, especially if you intend to simply smoke. A large number of smokers take notice to the camera's tube. Some people want it longer (for a cooler smoke), while others prefer it shorter (more intense puffs).

Quantity of volume:

Below 500 ml, we're talking about a small bong ideal for folks who smoke alone or are just starting out.

The most typical size is between 500 and 1000 ml (with an average of 750 ml).

Bongs with capacities more than 1000 or 2000 ml are recommended for experienced users or those smoking in a group.

The number of cameras

Although one chamber is sufficient for most users, bongs with two or more chambers are available. The best bongs in our first list are mostly single chambered. However, we've also included a very excellent four-camera alternative! However, multi-chamber bongs are available. What function does it serve?

Hazardous compounds are reduced as a result of multiple filtering.

Taste is much more polished. The greater the number of chambers through which the smoke must pass, the weaker the smoker gets, softening the puffs.

Superior freshness is produced when ice or cold water is utilised.


Obviously, you're looking for a bong that's easy to care for. They are frequently simple to clean. But keep the subject in mind. Permeable ones, for example, are made of plastic. Ceramic ones are less expensive but more sensitive. While glass structures are brittle as well, they are not as porous. Cleaning a bong is simple, however make the most of your time by doing the following:

Remove the water after you've finished smoking to prevent mould growth. Clean the bong with hot water and properly dry it to remove filth. You can use either kitchen paper or a clean, dry towel.

If you're having trouble removing dirt or resin from areas where it's gathered during a typical pass, try some alcohol. Alcohol wipes are really useful. Of course, once the problem has been resolved, clean the bong again with hot water and thoroughly dry it.

Obviously, it is advisable to separate the components and wash them separately. It won't take long, so don't be lazy. Please keep in mind that this is a smoking device. It is not advisable to do so when the environment is this unclean, as the dirt will be ingested by you. Isn't it unpleasant?

The bong, according to marijuana and international scholars, originated in African countries. This is corroborated by multiple excavations in Ethiopia, where putative 12th-century bongs were recovered.


Marijuana use is getting increasingly acceptable in society. It should be used judiciously, as with any other medicine. You will comprehend how to reap its many benefits if you are responsible. In this way, the smoking bong may help to make the experience more joyful. This is very useful for beginners because it softens and controls puffs.

However, in order to buy a cheap high-end bong and learn how to use it effectively, you must first have a comprehensive awareness of the different possibilities accessible. Consider not just the sizes and forms, but also the components of the bong, such as the tubes, the carburetor, and the base. By studying this material, you will be able to enter the cannabis world with confidence.

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