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What Exactly Is A Dab Rig, and How Do I Use It?


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Dabbing has never been more popular, because to its powerful effects and delicious rips. Dab rigs combine the potency of dabs with the cooling effect of bongs to provide the best of both worlds. What Exactly Is A Dab Rig, and How Do I Use It?

Dabbing has never been more popular, because to its powerful effects and delicious rips. Dab rigs combine the efficacy of dabs with the cooling effect of bongs to produce thick, delectable clouds.

But where do you start?

Don't be alarmed. We'll show you how to use a dab rig and provide some advice along the way. We'll also demonstrate everything you need to get started dabbing and guide you in the correct spot if you require any replacements or additions.

Let's get this celebration going.

Gather your dabbing materials.

Before you can learn how to use a dab rig, you'll need the proper dabbing equipment. The following are the necessary tools:

Dabbing set-up

The dab rig, which resembles a bong, is a water pipe built solely for the use of dabs. The vast majority of dab rigs are made of glass and include replaceable parts. These let you to customise your dabbing sessions and replace broken pieces.


The heating elements, sometimes known as "bangers," are made of nails. They absorb the vaporising chemical and the heat necessary to evaporate it. They are commonly supplied as part of a complete dab rig kit and are made of heat-resistant materials such as quartz or ceramic.

Electronic nails, such as the very indestructible Domeless Titanium Electronic Nail, do not require external heating. These nails allow you to digitally control the temperature of your dab setup and use it as you see fit without the use of an open flame.

Dabbing with a Torch

If you don't have an electric nail, you'll need to use a dabbing torch. Unlike normal lighters, dabbing torches can offer the intense and continuous heat required to vaporise your sticky concentrates.


The dabber is a simple, heat-resistant tool for working with concentrates. Dabbers allow you to load and unload goods in a safe and non-burning manner.

The material and your personal tastes will determine the ideal tool for the project. There are numerous dab tools available, each tailored to operate with a specific concentration and made of indestructible titanium or multicoloured glass. Read our post on the best dab tools to choose which dab tool is best for you.

Carbohydrate limitation

Do you want to squander any of your focus? Although a dab rig can be used without a carb cap, it is especially excellent in collecting all material and producing thick and rich clouds.

Waxes or concentrates for dabbing

A dab is a concentrated dose that is usually quite little. Prepare to use your dab rig by isolating a dab from the rest of your ingredients with your equipment.

Step-by-step instructions for using your dab rig

You now have a better idea of what kind of equipment you'll need to get started dabbing. Here's how you can put them to use:

1. Insert the nail into the hole.

You must first secure the nail to the dab rig. Attaching it to the joint is usually as easy as connecting it to a bong.

Remember that this is the only time you'll be able to attach the nail without first verifying its temperature. Keep a mind that you'll be controlling your banger at extremely high temps when you first start dabbing.

Warm up the nail

You'll need your heating element, which works similarly to a dabbing torch, to heat up your nail once it's properly positioned on your dab rig.

Directly apply the torch's flame to the nail, focusing on evenly heating it for around 30 seconds. When quartz nails are heated, they usually glow orange or red. Manicures with color-changing characteristics are also available to give you a better sense of the temperature of the nail.

3. Set aside some time for the nail to cool.

You don't want to take a dab soon away after you've heated up the nail. Wait a few seconds under a minute for a quartz nail, or approximately 10 seconds for a titanium nail.

Lower temperatures allow for more flavorful and smooth rips, which are great for beginners. If you want denser clouds, consider vaping at higher temperatures once you've gained more experience.

4. Use a dab

After the nail has cooled slightly, place a little portion of your material into the nail with your dabber. Twist the dabber tip onto the nail to ensure you're leaving nothing behind. After that, place your lips on the mouthpiece and softly inhale.

The dab should ideally be small enough to vaporise and inhale the entire amount. As the vapour travels from the nail to your mouth, it should fill your dab rig. Then, without holding the vapour in your lungs, exhale slowly and deeply.

You can keep adding things to your dab until you achieve the desired sensation.

Make certain that your dabbing equipment is clean.

If you clean and maintain your gear properly, you'll get smooth and beautiful rips as well as the ability to use it for a long time.

Wipe away any residue with a cotton swab after dabbing, and replenish the water after each use. After five to ten uses, you should thoroughly clean it.

Pour some rubbing alcohol into the dab rig, shut the holes, and shake fiercely for a few seconds before soaking for around an hour. In the meantime, you can clean your dabber, nails, and anything else that needs cleaning.

If you don't want to wait and instead want to shake and clean the piece right away, utilise glass cleaning products.

Final Thoughts

Dabbing is simple if you know how to do it. We're confident that after you've figured out how to use a dab rig, you'll fall in love with it.

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